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How Yoga Changed My life


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Yoga has completely changed my life!  I discovered Yoga 8 years ago when I was pregnant  with my 4th child.  My sciatic nerve was very angry.  Going to prenatal yoga helped me to walk without pain and yoga got me thru the last few months of misery.  I was not a glowing pg mom.  I limped ,cried a lot, and never slept,  yoga alleviated some of those symptoms .  After I had my baby,  I took unfortunately took a 5-year yoga hiatus.  Having 3 children and a brand new baby, left me with little time for myself.

A couple of years ago the pain started again, lower back, upper back, shoulders, you name it, and it hurt.  Doctor after doctor test after test no answer.   It was so frustrating.  My doctor believes the plausible diagnosis is fibromyalgia.  There is no cure for fibro you just manage the symptoms the best you can.  So I decided to try yoga again thinking with the mindset of if it helped once it can help again.

How Yoga Changed My Life

Yoga  helps with the pain and it does so much more.  It pushes me past my limits.  I do things now at 42 I couldn’t do at 18.  Yep that’s me in those pics!   I am more flexible, stronger, and I sleep a little better with fewer meds.  The best thing about yoga is it teaches me to look inward and be still and to just be grateful for the small things.  It helps me to manage my stress  and quiet my mind.  Which if you’ve read my blog you have noticed I have serious issues with stress management.

Yoga is so easy to implement into your life,  even ten minutes of time on the mat can be a game changer.  If you have a yoga studio nearby or just want to start on your own go ahead and pop in a video.  You will meet some awesome people and you won’t regret it!


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