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Yoga Skin – The new glowy makeup trend

As a “wanna be yogi” myself the new makeup trend Yoga Skin, loosely translates to “sweaty look on purpose.” The younger cool kids in the beauty world intend Yoga Skin trend to imply = “radiant and glowing from within.” (insert 43-year-old eye roll)

This new trend makes as much sense to me as the trend before that #boybeat that I also took a stab at. The jury is still out on that one.

Yoga Skin is a multi-product foundation application of sorts, meant to give you a glow of epic magnitude. If you don’t like the feel of makeup on your face this one might not be for you. The Yoga Skin recipe calls for adding drops of facial oil to your foundation in addition to glow drops plus more highlighter to the mix. Then applied to your face with your hands to maximum circulation, and then if you would see fit another layer.

My “Yoga Skin” Experiment

Let me start by saying I went into this review not expecting to like this new trend. I do not love the feel of heavy product, so on the advice of my daughter I will spare you the video of me with my nose in the air and just show the stills.

My recipe consisted of my “go to” foundation that if you read my blog you already know what I’m about to say …It Cosmetics Illuminating Foundation 3 pumps

I applied the final products together onto my face as recommended. It was definitely a lot of product to have to absorb into my face. It did take some time, again this is a full coverage application, maybe not for all.

The Verdict

Did I love Yoga Skin? I didn’t love the heavy feeling of it. Yes I loved the way it looked. I had an event that night outdoors and it was freezing cold, I think that helped to keep it in place. If it were a hot summer night, I believe it would be a different story, I think I would have looked like an exhibit in a wax museum with no air conditioning. I also tend to have oily skin, so I don’t think I would do this every day as I am prone to breakouts. I did feel like I had to do a triple cleansing last night to get it all off. But that might have just been my obsessive self.

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