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Woohoo Wednesday! World Turtle Day All Things Turtle! Photos, Memes & Turtle Recipe! (not really)

Woohoo Wednesday! World Turtle Day

Woohoo Wednesday…It’s May 23!  I bet none of you knew it was “World Turtle Day!”  Well I did!  I am a turtle mama,  I have 13 desert desert box turtles.  Why you asK?  Well I will tell you…because they are just the sweetest animal around.  And I will stop here because, If I get started this will be six pages about turtles.  So Let’s get to today’s deals, meme, and recipes (all turtle themed of course.)

As the day goes on I will be posting in individual posts Amazon Savings & Sales in separate posts.  So check in Simply Complicated Mom Facebook Page for the latest deal!  Here are today’s deals and today’s funny!

Today’s “Funny” to get your day started with a chuckle…(turtle themed of course)

World Turtle Day, Turtle Recipes, Deals

Today’s Easy Peasy Recipe- Turtle Cookies 

World Turtle Day, Turtle Recipes, DealsI have not personally made these so I cannot vouch for this recipe but it looks easy enough.

Amazon Daily Deals

36% off Dremel Tools
50% Watches for men and women Perfect for Father’s Day!
Ez Canopies on SALE

Savings On Swimwear-Take the pain out of it and just do it online! Adorable and Tons to choose From HERE

Other Sales…

HUGE summer sale at JANE.COM

Here’s an adorable example..These super cute tees for only $13.99!


Daily Boutique Deals



End of Season Sale

Tune in tomorrow for more Amazon Deals!


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