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Gifts We Really Want for Mother’s Day Unique Mother's Day Gift List

Gifts We Really Want for Mother’s Day

What gifts do we really want for Mother’s day? Another lopsided handmade mug? More brightly colored beaded jewelry we have to wear,  then slip off with our super sly ninja skills?…Or perhaps one more over-salted meal made by booger picking fingers? All of that is great and lovey dovey and was so special for the first ten Mother’s days.  But come on,  time to up your gift game guys! Haven’t we picked up enough vomit? Cooked enough meals? Done enough laundry?  What’s it going to take to bring your “A Gift Game?”

In an effort to avoid another year of fake smiles and ” thank you’s, ” I’ve taken the liberty of putting a list together of unique gifts I think we would all appreciate on Mother’s Day.  Some at no cost, so if you just find one thing on here that floats your “momma boat,”  share this with the man in your life.  Email it, print it and leave it laying around, or just HIT him over the head with it. Maybe just maybe he’ll get the mother lovin’ hint (pun intended.)

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

  • The “GNO”- Give us a night out with no hooks and no paybacks. You are to handle all responsibilities, dinner, bath time, and bedtime and “pregame.” Watch the kids while we take our time blowdrying and put on more than “carpool makeup.”  And for the love of all that is holy,  do not under any circumstances text, call, or communicate with us during said “gno,” unless a child has broken a bone or is bleeding.  And to clarify by ” bleeding” I mean profusely bleeding, may need a transfusion bleeding, not band-aid bleeding.
  • The Manicure/Pedicure-  Give our dishwashing, crayon scraping, and raw hands some love.  Let our feet that have stepped on way too many legos feel the wonderful sensation of a stranger rubbing them for a beautiful uninterrupted hour.    And again YES that includes watching the children.
  • The Gift Card-  The card must be for a specific store we shop at for ourselves.   Because if it’s too general, let’s say to Target,  we will spend it on you or the kids.  Think Loft, Sephora, DressBarn even a shoe store for a cute little pair of loafers we’ve been eyeing…Wherever WE like to shop. Nothing with the word “mart in it.”
  • The Big “O” – Yep I’m going there.  Guys before you think to yourself “Awesome…Done!” Keep reading, Sexy time begins before we even get to the bedroom.  Start by clearing the table and washing dishes.  Then,  you entertain the kids and let us go read our favorite book in a nice bath, ALONE.  You put the screaming kids to sleep.  Revelation here guys-this “technique” will work 99% of the time. Now as far as Mother’s Day nookie I mean YOU do all the heavy lifting. Let us be the teenage boy in this scenario lazy and selfish, give us what we need then let us roll over and go to sleep.
  • Subscription Boxes- I love mine.  Subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving. Every month a cute little box shows up on my doorstep bringing me goodies. There are so many types of subscription boxes out there these days from meal boxes, nail polishbeauty, to yoga and fitness.  My favorite is fab fit fun! There is something out there for everyone!

  • Carpe Diem- Let us seize the day!  Wake up on Sunday, and ask us what we want to do.  Whatever that answer is, no matter how much you don’t want to do it, just smile and say “sure.”  If we want to take a walk, take a walk.  If we want to stay in bed and binge watch “Vikings.” Then take the kids to, wherever,  Just take them,.  Then, bring me back my favorite fast food and let’s discuss Ragnar and his 6 pack.
  • A Clean House-Find someone,  Try Amazon Home Services (I’ve never tried it I can’t speak for it) or  Mary Poppins, anyone to clean the house.  Give us a week off of toilets, mopping,  and vacuuming!  Seriously though…Enough said.
  • A massage-  To clarify “massage,”  I don’t mean a DIY one by you that ends up with something poking us in the back after 5 minutes.  I mean a total stranger in a day spa that kneads me into a state of bliss and doesn’t talk.  And don’t skimp and do the 30 minutes we want the whole package 60 full minutes and let me reiterate…you watch the children!

What is your Idea of a Great and Unique Mother’s Day Experience or Gift?  I’d love to hear so in comments!


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