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I’m Married to a Super Hero and I am a Mere Mortal Opposites Attract...No they Really Do!


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My “Superman” glides thru everything athletic like he was born to conquer.  To call myself  his Lois would be ridiculous.  I’m more of an Olive Oil.  I fall on dry land going up the stairs.  He lettered in football, played baseball, and was accepted into the Air force Academy.  Me? Well, I lettered in eating, drinking, and doing things with boys in cars in High School.  

We are the epitome of “Opposites Attract.”  Twice a year he gets his body fat down to 3% to compete in “Physique” competitions.  To put this in perspective for you, a mini microwave pizza has 5% fat in content.   I’m pretty sure my forearm when I’m at my leanest, doesn’t get down to 5 freakin’ percent

You see he eats to live and I live to eat.  For his last competition he went over 100 days without a single piece of bread, cracker or anything that went crunch when he ate it.  We had the unfortunate timing of going on vacation to Kauai for my 40th birthday before a comp. As I drank and ate myself across the island he ate boiled chicken breast the entire time. He doesn’t fat or food shame me.  He would never do that, but I do on occasion  think I see the “side eye” when I’m pmsing and eating way too much and then of course I blame him for not stopping me from eating an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers.  Because duh he totally should of food shamed me, right? 😉 That always works.

You see he eats to live and I live to eat.  It took me a long time to be “ok” (and I use that term cautiously) around him in a bathing suit.  I still have to deep breathe at his competitions when I’m the biggest wife there at a size 8.  Because,  truth be told I simply like saltines with butter too much and have no desire to work that hard at the gym.  I prefer Yoga and really Love the Savasana Part.So appropriately called “corpse pose.” 

I am  finding myself dreaming of Ritz crackers now and rambling.  So I will get to the point,  Opposites attract atleast in our case they do.  I find the contrast in our relationship fun.   I humor him and pretend I enjoy hiking and ridiculous stuff like that and he will on occasion take in a yoga class and not complain too much or fall asleep in savasana!

“Strength Lies in Differences, Not Similarities”  Steven Covey




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