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Weekend Recap, Recipes & More!

Weekend Recap, Recipes & More!

Do you remember the line, “why are you so old,” from Despicable Me?  That line was what was on a loop in my house and in my head all weekend.  We went on a double date Friday night and over the span of four hours I had a whopping three drinks.  The last being  some pink concoction. I don’t remember the name, but what I do know now is that Prosecco + Vodka = hangover!

Long story short, Saturday was a complete waste.  All of my grand plans were pushed to Sunday.  Sunday evening I poured myself into bed in pain my muscles and joints screaming from cleaning carpets, helping my hubs trim trees (barely) and cleaning house.

Lessons learned;  I cannot drink mysterious fruity drinks and I am getting old.  I would love to sit here and be motivational and say I’m getting wiser, maturing but no let’s call it what it is… I’m getting old.  I can’t handle my liquor anymore, I require an ungodly amount of sleep to function, and a healthy amount of Aleve and coffee in my life.


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Today’s Recipe

I found these recipes on one of my favorite websites “I am homesteader.” I love all of her recipes, easy comfort food!  I’ve tried several of her recipes and they always work out.  This recipe for beef stew is next on deck! 


Today’s Deals

Here are just a few of today’s Daily Deals from Amazon and a few that I thought looked interesting! 

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