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Wednesday Weirdness~ A Shark Video, Daily Deals~Sunglasses,Clothes & More!

Wednesday Weirdness~ A Shark Video, Daily Deals and Other Random Stuff

Happy Hump Day!  Today I’m bringing you randomness! A shark video, totally random videos and some other silly stuff!  Have fun delving into my already screwed up subconscious 😉  Enjoy…

As I was scrolling thru videos looking for a “funny” for you today, I came across this gem of a video.  Let me give you a little bit of a backstory.  I have a very unnatural fear of sharks.  So severe that as a child I was convinced they were in our backyard pool, yes ridiculous I know.  I like to blame it on watching “Jaws” at a very young and influential age, when neurons where still firing, but who knows.  So here ya go, a lovely and terrifying video to start your Wednesday off right! …

Today’s “Funny” that’s not really a funny that just added to my already unnatural fear of sharks… “He’s going to need a bigger boat!”


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