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Wednesday Weirdness~The “Big O” Toes and More! Daily Deals, Recipes & More!

Wednesday Weirdness~Daily Deals, Recipes & More!

Howdy! Hope everyone had a fantastic day yesterday!  SCM found out that we were accepted into the affiliate program for LOFT That was super exciting, you can check it out HERE.  Other than that, yesterday  I started my weight loss plan to lose 12 lbs.  Because I went to my check up and she basically told me to lay off the saltines, something I already knew.   Keep your eyes out today for a post about my weight loss journey… yup I’m going to post my weight for the world to see,  the ultimate accountability!  Maybe some of you want to join me in this, the more the merrier, and if anything we can bitch together 😉

Today is Wednesday and you know what that means- Wednesday Weirdness! I scoured the internet for the weirdest crap I could find for you.  I also have recipes and deals for you.  I hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday! 

Wednesday Weirdness

World Orgasm Day

Ok here’s a weird one for ya’ …June 20 is World Orgasm Day.  Hmmm’ ok??   World Orgasm day  was founded in 2006 by anti-war activists their goal was to;

The aim of the day is to have an orgasm while thinking about world peace. The creators of the day believe that the energy from many people having an orgasm will bring a lessening of violence, hate, and fear, as positive vibes are sent across the globe.

It is obviously your civic duty everyone get your “Big O ” on today in the name of Peace for G-d Sakes!

Man Caught Stealing Toes

Yes you read that right,  A man was caught stealing toes from a museum exhibit.  The article doesn’t mention what his intentions were, but do we really want to know? Read more HERE


Ok enough weird stuff if you still have an appetite after the toe recipe here are;

The 20 Wildest, Weirdest And Most Delicious Recipes Of The Year

Daily Deals from around the Web

Amazon’s Daily Deals


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