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We Remember

We Remember

I don’t think there is a single one of us that doesn’t remember where they were when the  first plane crashed into the first tower.  I was at home going thru the usual morning routine as Matt Lauer first described the situation as an aviation accident.  As the second plane came into view I was in the bathroom.   I heard Matt frantically try to find words to what was going on.  I remember rushing to the television set, my brain swirling.  Having to sit on the bed to absorb it all,  “Act of Terror, .but why?”   I remember thinking.

The chaos erupted shortly after that.  Some rumors but mostly truths  of other planes, bombings and attacks were coming from every media outlet.   You couldn’t get away from the photos and live streams of  the horrible images now ingrained in our memory of buildings falling, people jumping from fiery buildings, people running terrified thru the streets of New York.

I called my children’s schools, just to make sure my kids were safe.  No one in the nation really knew what was going on.  It was a terrifying and helpless feeling I will never forget. I hugged my babies tight that day when they got in the car after school. The kids none the wiser, as they were young at the time.  Our world changed forever that day, from public safety to our own sense of security nothing would ever be the same.

Late last night when I realized today was 9/11 I said “Argh, tomorrow is 9/11 we are going to have to relive it all over again.”  I didn’t want to re-watch the horrible images.   I want to forget that pain so many people experienced.  But we need to remember the agony so many suffered, so we never forget how precious our freedom is.   Most importantly we need to never forget the many great heroes that awful day produced from the ashes.

We will Remember

we will remember


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