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#WCW~Woman Crush Wednesday! Martha Stewart~My #WCW!

Every Wednesday I’m going to shine the spotlight on a woman I find fascinating…A woman who inspires me, lifts me up, challenges me, or just makes me smile.

#WCW~Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is my #WCW for this week..

This cupcake baking, ex-fashion model, business mogul is my inspiration for this weeks #wcw post.  She embodies everything that I believe in, hard work and perseverance

She grew up in a family of 8 in a middle class family and started working at the age of 10, babysitting for the likes of Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra.  Martha began modeling at the age of 15.  Possessing a strong work ethic helped Martha succeed first in the cooking and catering industry.   Then after being discovered in the entertaining aspect of the industry and making a name for herself she became the phenom that she is in the writing & entertainment  industry with both her magazines, cookbooks & television series.

Martha Stewart-#WCW
Reasons Martha “the boss” Stewart is my #WCW
  • She handled prison like a boss! ~  She was found guilty in 2004 of conspiracy, obstruction of an agency proceeding and making false statements to federal investigators and sentenced to 5 months. While in prison her nickname was “M Diddy,” and she became the liaison between the prison officials and inmates.  After being released from prison she was quoted saying “you make lemonade from lemons,” in regards to her incarceration.  ~ I’m not sure about you but I know I wouldn’t have handled prison that well,  even if it was a “country club prison, ” as they say.Martha Stewart-#WCW
  • Martha is 76 Years Young…SERIOUSLY !  The photo says it all! #goals  If I can still wear espadrille heals at 76 then I have made it!  Did I mention she dated Anthony Hopkins…Bonus Points!  Martha Stewart-#WCW
  • Reason #3 ~ She is friends with Snoop Dog!!  Ok this just might be because I was a young adult during the 90’s while I was sipping on “gin & juice” but come on..mega Cool Factor!  Can you imagine those conversations at dinner parties or those magical brownies with her hand churned organic clarified butter?! Martha Stewart-#WCW
  • And last and most important reason Mrs. Martha Stewart is my #WCW…She is a true story of survival, perseverance, and growth!.. She has not only survived in a male dominated business world she has made it her B*%@!  Her current net worth is 638 million dollars.  Yep folks,  that is one smart lady!  Martha Stewart-#WCW Who is your #WCW…I would love to know!

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