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#WCW~Woman Crush Wednesday The Triple Crown!

#WCW~Woman Crush Wednesday

This is by far my favorite category to write about.  There are so many fabulous, strong and inspiring women to choose from.  I’m finding it difficult to narrow it down every week to just one #wcw.

This week’s #wcw kept popping up, like it was meant to be…Frances McDormand

I could site her multiple accolades and acting resume here but I don’t have enough time or space. They are endless.

The Triple Crown

To summarize her lengthy career, she has achieved the so- called “Triple Crown of acting.” Which means she has won all three major awards,  two academy awards, two Emmy awards, and a Tony Award.  But that is only one piece of Frances McDormand.  The real reason she caught my attention was her speech at the Academy Awards.

Coincidence, I had just finished watching one of her best performances the day before; Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.  If you haven’t watched this movie yet.  Please do,  It is amazing.  The writing was genius, the acting was amazing with an all star cast. This movie was moving and left me thinking about it for days.

Her riveting performance in “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” is what earned her the Oscar and led to the famous acceptance speech that brought me to tears.

In her acceptance speech she asked every woman in the audience to take a stand who was being recognized that evening in solidarity.  It was amazing and awe-inspiring to say the least.  She spoke of inclusion and I’ll let you watch it yourselves.  After you watch you will understand why she is my #wcw this week!

Check back in this afternoon for my #wcw business Woman of the Week!

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