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#WCW~Round Up Four Fabulous Women!

#WCW~Round Up

When coming up ideas for #WCW I didn’t think there would be a shortage of fabulous women to post about.  And I was right,  I have great ladies nominating each other left and right.  What I didn’t  anticipate was how much women do not want to recognize their own hard work.

I have come across so many awesome women that nominate other women. Which is so great don’t misunderstand, but when when I ask someone if I can recognize their accomplishments, I come across some apprehension and downplaying of their own success.   Why are we on autopilot to minimize the results of our hardwork?  

Is this hardwired into us? We’re we raised as little girls to be humble and modest.  Sometimes to a fault it seems.  I see it in my own daughters some times.  When they are complimented.  They will actually argue and disagree.  Constantly reminding them to learn to accept compliments.

This is the reason I created #wcw.  To give you an audience of positivity that grows every week.  Give you the push you need when your gas tank is on “E.”   Praise you for the late nights up working because you’ve also had a sick little one on your hands.  Or when you went against the tide and started a business in your 40’s when no one thought you could.  “We got you!”

Lessons Learned from #WCW weekly recognition of outstanding women

    1. Family is priority ~ Fabulous #wcw went into family friendly businesses
    2. Follow Your Dreams…You never know where it might take you.
    3. Success is how you define it.

Let me reintroduce the three #WCW we have met so far…

Amanda, Lindsay, and Christel!..Three Fab Boss Bitches!  Click on their images to get to their websites!

I want to hear from you about you and other amazing women!  Shoot me an email or find Simply Complicated Mom on FB!  mvp@simplycomplicatedmom.com


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