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Business Woman of the Week Christel Mendez of El Paso

Christel Mendez of El Paso, Texas is our Business Woman of the week.  She is an independent Scentsy consultant. Business Woman of the Week


This is a bit personal for me,  I have known this fabulous lady since we were in the womb.  Our mothers are bff’s…G-d Help us! The stories we can tell,   Mostly about our strict Catholic upbringing and our lovely but crazy mamas!

I watch Christel week after week working her magic online,  selling her “smellies,” as I call them.  She is relentless and I applaud that.  I’m an addict myself having 7 warmers in my house.

When I asked why she she first wanted to go into business for herself her answer was;

“I went into business for myself because I wanted the ability to help support  my family without missing out on doing things with my kids.  Being present at their schools doing volunteer work was important for me.  I need to bean every day presence in their life and so I figured with my own business I could at least help financially but still be there for my family.” 

Business Woman of the Week

To access her online catalog and her products just click on the Scentsy Logo below or for more info or inquiries email Christel @  
Business Woman of the Week

If you are an awesome business woman and would like a shout out and to be featured on a #wcw post email me @ 



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