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#WCW-Woman Crush Wednesday An American Legend and Educator

#WCW-Woman Crush Wednesday

I always have a little moment of pause the beginning of every week when I plan out my writing schedule and hit Wednesday’s block and #wcw and wonder,  “who is it this week?”  I tend to look inward, and think about who personally has inspired me, lifted me or just made me push myself farther than I ordinarily would.  This week’s is a little different.  She is far gone, but her legacy lives on.   She is one of the original co-founders of the National PTAMrs.  Alice Birney Along side Pheobe Hearst and Selena Butler. 

She co-founded the organization at a time when women did NOT  have the right to vote.  Alice Birney was one of the first women to embody the term “child advocate” at its purist form.   

In 1897 this wonderful organization which is now known as the National PTA took form by holding its first “convocation of the National Congress of Mothers.”  Made up of not only mothers, but of fathers, teachers, laborers, and legislators,  Led by Alice Birney, Phoebe Hearst and Selena Butler.

If you are reading this article thinking it sounds a little biased that’s because it is.  I was/am an “Honorary Lifetime Member” of the Texas PTA (Pass the Alcohol-KIDDING)

I earned my PTA stripes,  I worked my way up from a volunteer, to historian, to two term President.  And as hard as it was I still love and believe in this organization and what it stands for-Child Advocacy.

The PTA and it’s members made up of  parents, teachers, and students don’t just peddle chocolate and school dances.  They advocate for children.  They fight legislators, school boards, and other entities to do whats right for your children when no one else will.  Please remember the “Mrs. Birneys'” out there that are out there fighting an uphill battle outnumbered and tired.

Tag a PTA parent that fights the battle that you are proud of!




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