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#WCW-Talent Show Mom Rescues Daughter Shaye Washington-Mom Rescues Daughter at Talent Show

#WCW-Talent Show Mom Shaye Washington

This week’s #wcw is Shaye Washington.  Various media outlets have deemed Shaye a “hero.”  I’m going to award her with the “Ultimate Mama Bear” title.  The moment she saw her daughter in trouble she leaped into action.

The talent show video has gone viral with almost 9 million views.  At first, you’re watching another seemingly normal talent show in a packed school cafeteria, flanked by parents and students,  nervously awaiting their child’s performance.

Having hosted talent shows myself, I have seen first hand how nervous these kids get on stage. The parents nervously sitting in the audience trying not to project their nervousness onto their children.  Adults mouthing lyrics and trying in vain to “sign” dance moves.  Talent shows are brutal capital “B.”

Superhero by Day

This talent show is no different.  It’s painfully obvious sweet 10year old Makayla is nervous, and rightfully so. Makayla begins to hesitate,  at that moment  Shaye Washington jumps up and  joins her daughter in singing “Rise Up.”   Telling Makayla “You got this.”  I by no means do the video justice,  take a second and watch it.  If you don’t cry,  get your hormones checked stat!


I was fortunate enough to have a few seconds of Shaye Washington’s time last night.  I asked her what was going thru her mind in those few seconds before she stood?  When did she know her daughter was in trouble? She had this to say;

Talent Show Mom Rescues daughter

“When I saw her facial expressions I knew at that moment I had to do something. I wanted to let her know that she didn’t have to endure or face the situation alone.”
Shaye also added;

I would have to say that the moment I shared with my daughter could be a lesson to all of us in all situations. We must learn to #riseup despite what the situation may look like or feel like because discouragement and failure are two of the biggest stepping stones to success. I just wanted my daughter to know that even though we may fall at times we have to get back up. We do not quit we persevere and whatever she may be faced with she’ll never face it alone as long as I have breath in my body. I feel like that is the same with us as a human race. Whenever we may think we are alone or defeated the man upstairs always send a sign of evidence. A sign that he is there when we are feeling lost or afraid.

Shaye “The Mompreneur”

Besides being a Superhero,  Shaye is also a “Mompreneur.”  She is the mastermind behind the Children’s boutique “Tiny Toes and Tiaras,”  Established in 2011. Tiny Toes and Tiaras is an online Children’s Boutique that has been featured in magazines such as “Brides Magazine.”   You can check out their adorable children’s clothes and accessories here. Talent Show Mom Rescues daughter

Shaye Washington was so humble and gracious when I spoke to her,  thankful for MY time…  No Mrs. Washington I am thankful for Mamas like you.

Follow Shaye here https://www.facebook.com/tinytoesandtiaras/and here https://www.instagram.com/tinytoesandtiaras/

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If you would like to pat yourself on the back for all your hard work or would like to nominate another awesome #wcw shoot me an email:  mvp@simplycomplicatedmom.com





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