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#WCW-Entrepreneur of the Week Lindsay ~The Wine Boss

#WCW-Entrepreneur of the Week

Our #WCW Entrepreneur of the week is Lindsay from Alabama.  She is a representative for a wine company or better known as a “wine boss.” Capital B! 

‘Wine Boss”

Wine Boss Lindsay first got started in network marketing when she needed an answer to the universal question that most of us can relate to.  How can I help financially and stay present for our families? 

This is what Lindsay had to say about that and why she decided to become a wine representative…

“I have two small children and wanted to be a stay at home mom, yet also have my own project to work on that contributed financially.  I used to be involved in a health and wellness company but when I found  this wine business.  I fell in love with the SIMPLICITY of not having to explain how to use it and not having to sell it.  And the free wine is a huge plus..”

To chat with Lindsay about wine or possibly becoming a wine boss yourself she can be reached at :  thewinebossmom@yahoo.com

or check her out on instagram here . >>>  @thewinebossmom

If you would like to be featured on #wcw send me an email mvp@simplycomplicatedmom.com…Let’s Chat!  


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