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Tuesday’s Random Ramblings Deals, Recipes, & Funny Stuff

Tuesday’s Random Ramblings

Good morning! Second day of summer vacay, I’m sliding into summer like …

I only heard “I’m bored” yesterday about 1500 times (again the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER BREAK)  I even heard myself say “If I said that to my mother when I was your age, she would make me clean the bathrooms,” only to get back “ok…” WTH?!  Then I found myself REALLY conflicted when I realized I was trying to put everyone to bed at 7:30 just to come to the conclusion if I did they would be up early.  Damned if I do, Damned if I don’t.  Oh well, enough bitching for today.  Two things that make me feel better…Food and shopping!  So let’s get to it!


Here are some recipes for chicken, crab dip, brownies and watermelon sangria that I stumbled upon yesterday that I think look worthy of attempting, let me know if you have tried any in comments or shoot me an email mvp@simplycomplicatedmom.com 🙂






Today’s Deals from Around the Web

Amazon Daily Deals…

I’m pretty sure this is the coolest swing I’ve ever seen
43% off Terralite Camping Chairs tons of colors! 
Up to 25% off Fishing gear, just in time for Father’s Day! 
26% off PLUS $10 off coupon Mattress Pad! 
Savings on Light Up Soccer, Basket, and FooBalls! 


Jane.Com Deals- Summer sale going on Now A few examples of super cute deals below…

Daily Boutique Deals


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