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Tuesday Thoughts Nike...What were you Thinking, Daily Deals and More!

I try to steer clear from politics on my blog but this is just ridiculous.  If you were wondering what I am talking about, check this out…

Yup,  Nike’s new spokesperson is none other than the infamous Colin Kaepernick.  If you have lived under a rock, let me catch you up with the short version; He is the athlete that started the “take a knee” during our anthem/NFL boycott that quickly gained momentum.

Although I do believe in your rights to protest,  I do not believe that taking a knee during our anthem is the  answer.  Our National Anthem is our homage to the ones who have given their lives for us and who have truly sacrificed everything.  Our veterans and soldiers are the ones that sacrifice.  They give years of their lives to service, lose limbs to wars, suffer from PTSD for the rest of their lives and countless other tragedies from during war-time.    No Colin, you have NOT sacrificed everything just an NFL contract, get over it.

I do not fault you if you feel the way Nike or Kaepernick do. The ability to have differences of opinions  and not be punished for them is what makes America great and what sets us above other countries.   I am grateful for our democratic process and the right to vote so that our votes are heard.  In some parts of the world they can only pray that someday they have the right TO vote.

I’m hoping in all sincerity Nike pulls it head out it’s arse soon from this publicity stunt, because I really enjoy their gear. Stick with Serena nike and her wonderful slogan “The Mother of all Inspiration.”

Nike...What were you Thinking, Daily Deals and More!


Who would you like to see as a Nike spokesperson? Let me know in comments..

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