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Tuesday Thoughts Getting "It" Together, Cool Zoodle Recipe & More!

Tuesday Thoughts

Getting “It” Together

Every now and again I find myself spinning.  It doesn’t happen often, but often enough to bother me and upset my very ordinary life.   I’ve not hidden the fact that I am one of the 40 million people in the US battling anxiety and depression. If you have read my story you know now that  now have it under control.   But every now and again something will trigger it (usually stress) and cause me to start restlessly climbing the walls, not being able to quiet my mind or sleep.

My family is none the wiser, they just assume I am “moody.”  Which is the scary part of anxiety and depression, why so many go undiagnosed.  I am highly functioning, usually the manic mood working in my favor, like so many others dealing with anxiety and depression.  The reality of the illness comes in many shades and is not like on TV.  I don’t sit around sulking until it gets really bad.   I have fits of mania where I can’t sit still, while having horrible dark self-destructive self dialogue.  Depression also hurts,  mine almost always brings with it migraines that last for days.

The point of bringing all of this depressing stuff up (pun not intended) is to remind everyone to take care of themselves.  More often than not I found myself sitting in front of my computer obsessing about my blog statistics, finances, family stuff and things that I really couldn’t do anything about even if I wanted to.  I stopped being the organized person I usually am so the work piled up and the spiraling began.  I ignored the safeguards I put in place, working out, meds, hormones my need for organization and I need to be more vigilant about that.   I’m starting to feel better now, more like myself.  Life’s stresses can’t be ignored that’s not realistic, but for now I’m just going to …tuesday thoughts


Daily Recipes

Who hasn’t jumped on the paleo and zoodle band wagon?  Here’s a pretty cool lookin’ recipe for a Burrito Zoodle Dish by Delish!  Let me know if anyone tries it!

tuesday thoughts


Daily Deals

Here are just a few of Today’s Daily Deals and a few I thought looked interesting.  Follow along on facebook for more deals posted throughout the day!







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