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Tuesday Recipes, Deals & More!

Tuesday Recipes, Deals & More!

Good Morning Everyone! What is on everyone’s agenda today?  I’m super excited I was invited to the “soft opening” or press event for our new local Super Walmart and I couldn’t be more excited. Two reasons 1) I live in “the sticks” it takes me atleast 30 minutes to get to any grocery store and this one is only 10 minutes away…yippee! And 2) They found me thru the power of social media so does that mean this little ol’ blog is actually going some where?  My that sure makes me feel good.  It’s the little things I’ve learned to be grateful for. You never know when it’s going to be taken away.

Tuesday Thoughts-Daily Deals, Recipes & More

Here are today’s deals and recipes, I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Today’s Recipes

Not sure If I have posted this one before, but I had every intention of baking this yesterday. I always bake my kiddos a treat on their first day of school. BUT, come to find out I had no sugar, argh.  One of my girls wiped me out for a craft.  So one day Kentucky Butter Cake (diet buster) I will come for you!

Today’s Deals

Here are just a few of Amazon’s deals and a few I thought you might like ! For the entire selection click HERE! Blue Buffalo 35% off! Phillips Body GRoom 37% off, Lenovo 27%off, 

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