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Tuesday Deals, Recipes, and More! How I Plan to Lose the Summer Pounds

Tuesday Deals, Recipes, and More!

Good Morning Everyone! What is on everyone’s agenda today?  I have a dr’s appt this morning,  If I survive my weigh in she’s pretty much going to tell me what I already know…That I’ve gained weight, UGH. Summer is a killer because the kid grub everywhere that I graze on all day.  Anyone else having this Summer problem?  One more thing to blame on the kids 😉 Chew on that accountability coaches .   So my summer goal #1 lose 10 pounds as of today! I’ll let you know how the weigh in went in tomorrow’s post.

I’m going to jump on the intermittent fasting (you can read about it here)  train and combine it with low carb/paleo and just try to sweat a little more each day so be prepared for some low carb/paleo recipes in my posts!
Tuesday Deals, Recipes, and More & Summer Weight LossWhat’s intermittent fasting, you ask?  It’s an eating plan or should I say eating window you limit yourself to each day and it forces your body into ketosis.  Intermittent fasting is based on the idea going back to “caveman” days knowing that our caveman ancestors didn’t eat everyday and they survived and were actually pretty fit having to hunt and gather. So yeah,  I’m going to harness my inner cavegirl! I’ll let you know how I’m doing along the way!

But for now Onto today’s deals and recipes that I have scoured the internet for ya’!…

Here is a very fitting Gif for today’s mood…

And maybe some low calorie (no fun) recipes for today, maybe these will motivate me to put the box of cheeze its down ? Probably not, but here are 6 healthy dinner ideas for busy parents!

Today’s Deals from around the Web!..

Amazon’s Daily Deals

Jane.Com Deals


CupShe.com $5 of $85 or $10 off $120 use code CUJ5 here are a few examples of CupShe Bathing Suits- (I read the reviews, I suggest sizing up) 


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