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Hump Day History, Relationship Gif, and Daily Deals! Hump Day History, Relationship Gif, & Deals on Adorable Backpacks and More!

Hump Day History, Relationship Gif, and Daily Deals!

Happy Hump Day,  My inner child has always giggled a bit when I hear that term 😉 I did a little research aka (googling) and “hump day” came about in 1965 around a Dupont office cooler.  Who knew?  So there ya’ go your little tidbit of useless knowledge for the day.  If your ever on Jeopardy and you win the big bucks you have me to thank 😉

Here is Today’s “Funny” A relationship gif …I can relate, can you?


Daily Deals up to 70% off! As the day goes on I will be posting in individual posts Amazon Savings & Sales in separate posts.  So check in Simply Complicated Mom Facebook Page for the latest deal!  


Today Amazon has Glassware, Jewelry, and bedding, and supercute backpack sets!

1000 Sheet Count Sheets 30% off!
Hump Day History, Relationship Gif, and Daily Deals

Mother’s Day Fine Jewelry much more here..

Assorted Glassware ,  Kids Kindle Fire Huge discount! Get the jump on next year with this backpack set huge savings and tons of colors here!  

Other Sales…

End of Season SaleFSJ Shoes



Check out More  Deals HERE…  


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