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Tips to Keep Skin Healthy & Glowing During Winter Ten Tips to Keep your Skin Healthy & Glowing During Winter!

Just when we thought we could pull out our wide brim hats and flip flops, Punxsutawney Phil screwed us all and cursed us with 6 more weeks of winter…Thanks Phil.  And along with winter comes itchy, red, & dry skin.  To help you alleviate dry and itchy skin,  My good friend and ally in the anti-aging battle, Hilary and I have put our heads together to bring you…

Ten Tips to Keep Skin Healthy & Glowing During Winter!

  1. Back to Basics-~”What you put in is what you get out.”  Up your water intake,  inside and out!  Drink more water,  channel  your inner Camel ladies.  You will notice a difference and an added perk a diminished appetite (your welcome)
  2. Humidify the Air~ If you have a humidifier plug that baby in!  A Diffuser Humidifier with your favorite Essential Oils will work also!  Geranium is great for your skin and Melaleuca is an added ally during flu season. If you don’t have a humidifier or diffuser don’t fret,  A simple 8X8 baking pan of water  on your nightstand while you catch up on your beauty sleep will help immensely with chapped lips and dry skin!Tips to Keep Skin Healthy & Glowing During the Winter
  3. Pucker Up~ You cannot forget those Lips.  Whether it be a new trendy Lip Mask or a simple cult favorite Vaseline Tin (My Favorite) or Aquaphor Lip Treatment never let those lips go dry.  Before you know it you will be sporting the “Red Ring of Fire” on your face.Tips to Keep Skin Healthy & Glowing During the Winter
  4. Switch Facial Cleansers~ During the Summer months you are fighting excess oils and maybe a touch of summer acne.  During the winter months this is probably not the case.  But it is still important to exfoliate just not as harshly as before.  So try switching your routine up a bit.  If you use a grainy exfoliant in the summer switch to a mild Creamy Cleanser with a glycolic acid instead. You will still be turning over collagen and plumping just not drying out your skin.  Tips to Keep Skin Healthy & Glowing During the Winter
  5. Facial Oils~ It sounds counterintuitive and I have preached their superpowers before.  But don’t discount this new brand of cleansers yet.  Precleanse with Cleansing Oiland your face will thank you for it.  Facial Oils can also be used as primers for extremely dry skin, and give you that extra glow.DHC Cleansing Oil
  6.  Body Washes~Exchange your usual body wash if it contains scents or perfumes for a “moisturizing-unscented” variety.  These body washes have less alcohol and and a higher percentage of moisturizing ingredients.  If you are plagued with the “winter itchy’s” use a body wash for sensitive skin.
  7. Body Moisturizer~Replace your usual summer lotion for a thicker winter creme with more emollient ingredients.  And always apply on wet skin to lock in hydration. Also Keep up that SPF action both for your face and body.  Sunburns and Winburns can actually be worse in the winter!  This particular brand  AmLactin Lotion with Ceramides was recommended by my mothers dermatologist and I’ve never found one that has worked better!  Tips to Keep Skin Healthy & Glowing During the Winter
  8. Dry Brush- Dry Body Brushes    brushing claims also to be good for circulation as well as dry skin.  Find a Dry Brush and Gently brush once a week,  you’ll see a noticeable difference.
  9. Add a In Shower Body Lotion to your routine.   This stuff is amazing!   WARNING- In-Shower Lotion will turn your shower into a veritable slip-n-slide,  you might want to give your family members a heads up (or not 😉 Tips to Keep Skin Healthy & Glowing During the Winter
  10. You can’t forget your Piggies!  Eventually the socks are going to come off and you don’t want to snag the sheets…Earlier in the year I tried a  Korean Foot Peel Mask for the first time.  Foot Peels are Gross and Great all at the same time.  Try one you won’t regret it!  You’ll lose a year’s worth of skin in a week, with no foot files, blade, or scrubbing! Tips to Keep Skin Healthy & Glowing During the Winter







We hoped you enjoyed this blog post.  I’d like to take this time to introduce my co-author and guest blogger, Hillary.  She lives in the southwest city of El Paso with her beautiful family of six.  She loves to share her knowledge and write about her obsession with “Skin Care.”  Hillary will be guest blogging in the future and I am very excited to welcome her to the blog…Welcome my dear friend Hillary!



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