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Thursday’s Thoughts Random Ramblings, Pecan Pie Day & Soooo Many Amazing Deals!

Thursday’s Thoughts

If you’re the one percent of the universe that hasn’t seen the Incredible’s 2 you have missed the short film that prefaced it, “BAO.”  HERE it is if you missed it.  I fought the tears in the theatre and I have a lump in my throat as I write this. Saturday my son is moving out. My  first child to leave the nest.

He approached me earlier and asked if I was going to cry Saturday or be happy…YES!  It’s especially hard because for so long we were each other’s “ride or die.” I had him when I was so very young and we sort of grew  up together. He was as much my protector as I was his, and yes that sounds dysfunctional but that’s the truth.

That chubby little blond baby forced me to get back up when I was knocked down and be stronger than I thought I could be and at times to “calm down” when my anxiety got the best of me.  I know I will survive this weekend, “this too shall pass,” and it’s time for him to spread his wings, but I sure am going to miss hearing him yell at google to sleep 7 times every morning and blaring his music…or am I?

Holy estrogen,  it’s only going to be daughters around here now.  That’s going to be a bloody nightmare (pun not intended) Maybe I’ll get a boy puppy to even out the hormones?  And help  fill the cracks in my heart.   Have your kids left home? How did you deal with it?  I would love to hear about it.  Because right now I keep trying to eat my feelings, and it’s becoming harder and harder to resist the ruffles! Thursday's Thoughts, Pecan Pie Day and Sooo Many Amazing Deals!

Ok, done depressing everyone, onto happy things!  Pecan Pie!…

National Pecan Pie Day Recipe

Today is National Pecan Pie Day! Woot Woot! I don’t do a lot of baking, but I have baked pecan pie and the one recipe I use over and over is butter is better queen herself Paula Deen’s recipe.  The secret is dark bourbon.  It cooks off but makes the most delicious deep flavor and it’s super simple, If even I can master it! Here ya’ go!

Thursday's Thoughts, Pecan Pie Day and Sooo Many Amazing Deals!

Amazing One Day only Build-a-Bear Deal!

Today, July 12th is Pay your Age Day!  To save time become a bonus club member before you head over to get the deal!

Thursday's Thoughts, Pecan Pie Day and Sooo Many Amazing Deals!

Today’s Daily Deals

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Daily Deals, Mojito Recipes, & Free Slurpees?


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Have a Fabulous Thursday, Friday is just around the corner!

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