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Thursday’s Thoughts Recipes, Deals & More!

Thursday Thoughts

Good Morning Everyone!  It’s Thursday eh’ nothing exciting about Today, except we’re almost to Friday. So nothing much going on here today except Recipes, Deals and a funny Gif I came across.

I’m a little beat up this week.  I had a horrible day yesterday, and It took everything I had to keep it together.  Ever have one of those days?  It started Monday, when hub and I got in a horrible fight, I’ll spare you the details.  Funny thing, even after both of us have had enough therapy to be therapists ourself we still don’t communicate well (money well spent.)  Both of our stubborn personalities are going to be the death of us.  I need him to validate my hurt and not have to ask him too. Does that make sense?  So I’m not going to buckle on this one (yup taurus girl).  And I know he’s not either, so we’re here day four incommunicado, fun times.

In addition to relationship fun,  I had someone be a “meanie” to me on another social media platform.  Again the irony,  I usually can brush this stuff off and I’m that mom who is constantly telling her girls “toughen up buttercup.” But for some reason these words stung, Gosh mean people suck.  I’m going to assume marital bliss, food deprivation and mercury in retrograde are just the perfect storm to knock me off my center.  But, I woke up breathing, my kids are healthy and I have a roof over my head so I’m grateful for what I have and burying yesterday.  Wishing everyone a fabulous Thursday!!

Recipes, Deals & More!



Here are a few last minute Fourth of July Eats Ideas Courtesy of HGTV- They look pretty “do-able”

Thursday Thoughts- Daily Recipes deals & more


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