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Thrifty Thursday My Thrift Store Haul This Week!

My Thrift Store Haul This Week!

When I get bored or I’m needing to kill some time,  I often find myself wandering into my local Savers or Goodwill “just to look” I tell myself.  I’m not the only one,  that time of day is the busiest for stores.  Often packed with mama’s doing the exact same thing,  “just looking.”  I’m not looking for anything in particular but if something jumps out at me I grab it.  My kids call it treasure hunting. I never know what I’m going to find.

I prefer stores to garage sales.  Garage sales are unorganized and I don’t like people staring at me when I shop, which tends to be the case. I also prefer the local Savers to upscale resale stores.  I find that the nicer more on trend resale stores tend to be over priced.  You can usually find new merchandise for the same price on sale, if you are a good consumer.  So I will stick to thrift stores for now for hobby of treasure hunting.

Knowing I am not the only one that likes to “treasure hunt” I thought I would start to share my occasional haul with my readers.   If you missed my “Goodwill Post” you can catch up HERE…I’m still waiting for my artwork I ordered on to show up to decide if that was a good decision or not.  I have to limit my exposure to that  auction website, so I don’t end up on an episode of hoarders.

My Purchase!

Thrifty Thursday’s Haul

This week I meandered into my local Savers, when I found myself having about a half hour to kill before needing to grab my littlest one after school.  I grabbed five items for $21!  Three of which were brand new.  The cashier also commended me on my shopping abilities, I was pretty impressed myself 😉  (the secret is not to go item by item, just scan the rack for a print you like visually, if you like it then investigate)

  • Children’s Place Top Originally $6.99 Half Price Yellow Tag Day
  • No Name Blouse for $3.99
  • Old Navy Top $6.99 Half Price Yellow Tag
  • Forever 21 $3.49
  • Zara Sweater $9.99 Half Price Yellow Tag

TOTAL $20.76!

My Thrift Store Haul This Week!


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