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Thrifty Thursday~ My Thrift Store Haul this Week! Antique Indian Silver and my Goodwill Painting Update!

Thrifty Thursday~ My Thrift Store Score this Week!

I really wasn’t in the shopping mood this week, weird right?  That didn’t even feel right as I typed it out.  So this week’s thrift store shopping trip was a last minute lucy trip running into Savers just “to see,” what I could find in the half hour I had to spare.

But first, let me set the scene… yours truly super cranky (lack of sleep, bad lunch, basically because the sky was blue yesterday)  There were way too many people in savers, so moody me decided immediately that I was not going to deal with racks of clothing so I headed over to housewares.

After staring at an odd fellow for a good ten minutes, trying to figure out a plausible story for his scenario without success, ( I’ll circle back to that in a sec) I started to browse.

Antique Indian Silver & B W Buelinum

It’s a little-known secret- I love little bowls.  Any tiny bowl really, salsa bowls, soup bowls, candy dishes.  My house is full of them.  I use them for everything, jewelry stations, key holders, ponytails, etc.  There are bowls with crap in them everywhere in my house.  None of them match, all of them are eclectic and beautiful and it works. I decided I needed more bowls (like I need a bullet) but  I immediately spied two very ornate silver bowls.  They were priced at $3 each.  I flipped them over, no stamp…oh well, they were still cute and at only $3, sold!  On my way out I also grabbed a BW Buelinum what I thought was silver but came to find out after researching, a hammered aluminum.

Here are the bowls I purchased yesterday.

Thrift Store
Look Closely at all of the Tiny Animals, My daughters and I counted six last night can you find them? (Yes I know It’s tarnished, I will get around to cleaning it 😉 
Thrift Store
This is the B W Buenilum- I love the handle, and can you see the delicate hammering?


After spending too much time researching retail prices only to discover there really isn’t an exact price on any of these because the BW is an antique possibly in the $15-$20 range. And the other two small “animal bowls” I cannot vouch to their authenticity because I am not a professional, I’m going to leave that part of today’s post out.  Sometime’s folks you just thrift for the fun of the find! I don’t plan on selling these, I just like to look at them when I pass by and they make me smile.  Hopefully, one day when my kiddos get my “do-dads” they will do the same for them (or end up back at savers!)

My purchase update

If you have no idea what I’m talking about you can catch up HERE.

“She” finally got here…Here she is, I’ve named her “Ginger” for obvious reasons! The photo doesn’t do her justice, Ginger is hanging in my office.  I will probably have her matted and reframed at some point because I like where I have her, but she isn’t large enough, and I don’t love the frame.  What do you think?  $17 well spent!

Thrift Store
Meet Ginger (and Maria) 

Circling back to the random fellow- I often look at peculiar situations or people and try to fit a person in a scenario, kind of like writing a short story.  I have a vivid imagination, some stories get a little crazy.  But I could not for the life of me figure out a “story” for this man that was dressed in a suit and tie, at savers, with a cart, filling it as quickly as he could with yeti style coffee cups with lids. Does anyone have a scenario for that? Am I the only one that makes up fictional stories?

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