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Thrifty Thursday~ My Thrift Store Haul this Week $345 Worth of Designer Duds for only $85!

Thrifty Thursday~ My Thrift Store Haul this Week

How I Scored $345 Worth of Designer Duds for ONLY $85!

Heading out to my thrift store haul this week, I had one agenda…ME! One hour later mission accomplished as I walked out of my local Uptown Cheapskate thrift store with $40 worth of designer duds for yours truly for only $85!

I had set out to grab some fall wardrobe essentials for myself.  My closet in desperate need of some refreshing as we switch seasons.  So off to Uptown Cheapskate thrift store (or resale store as they prefer to be called) I went.  I don’t often venture that way unless it’s the time of the year to clean out closets.  Where I take a bounty with me to trade in or I’m on a specific mission like I was that day.  But, I needed trendier, closet goodies that I knew they would have versus other thrift stores in the area.

It’s hit or miss at Uptown Cheapskate, I sometimes hit the jackpot and sometimes wah wah, goose egg. But yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised I walked out of there with $340 Worth of Designer Duds for only $85!

Here is a breakdown of my goodies!

Forever 21 Blouse Retail $15.90 Paid $9.99
Hollister Jeans  Retail $29 Pail $13.99
H&M Blouse Retail $24 Paid $9.99
Express Blouse Retail $29 Paid $14.99
Seven7 for All Mankind Jeans (my fav jeans) Retail $99 Paid $22
Talbots Blazer Retail $149 Paid ONLY $14.99!  -Woot Woot

Thrift Store Shopping Thrift Store


Have you ventured into your local resale or thrift store lately, if so what was your greatest score?Send me a pic.. I’d love to know in comments and feature on facebook!

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    • MVP Reply

      Oh my Gosh, Isn’t it fun?! Not a lot of people understand the “thrill of the hunt!”

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