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Thrifty Thursday~How I Scored $250 Worth of Name Brand Goods for $36! My Thrift Store Haul this Week

Thrifty Thursday~My Thrift Store Haul this Week!

Last week was my first “Thrifty Thursday” Post.  You can catch up here if you missed it.  This week for Thrifty Thursday, I made a quick run into Savers. As usual killing time before pickup. I wasn’t on the hunt for anything in particular,  and not expecting to find anything great. Well, folks those shopping jaunts usually turn out to be the best ones, and this was no exception, when I bought $250 Worth of Name Brand Goods for $36!

Tuesday at Savers is “Senior day” so seniors save an extra 30% in my neck of the woods.  ( Check your local Savers for your week’s schedule HERE)  Big bummer,  If I would have known this I would have taken my mom.  With her in tow, my cart would have been 30% less and only $24 for $250 worth of awesomeness instead of $36 but I’ll take it 😉  I also took the time to find an employee and a educate myself to the “Saver’s Game” I coined it.

The “Saver’s Game” is this…Starting on Wednesdays they discount 50% off a certain colored tag to be disclosed and changed every week.  It will be on sale for the rest of the week.  On Sunday of that week whatever hasn’t been sold of that color is reduced to $1.00.  I’m not sure if that is just local or national so click here to find out if your store has similar promotions.  Saver’s also has different days designated to different professions, teachers, military, etc;  Check your local store for your schedule.

Unfortunately, not being a “biddy” just yet, I paid full price wah wah…Oh well, I think I still did ok 😉 …

$250 Worth of Name Brand Awesomeness for $36!

Thrifty Thursday

Can you believe I scored $250 worth of Name brand awesomeness for $36! I couldn’t believe it myself when researching the retail prices this morning while patting myself on the back.  I also need to tell you, all of these were brand new except the Hollister which was probably by my estimation washed once or twice.

Here is the breakdown..

Old Navy Blouse Retail $19 Paid $6.99
Hanna Andersson Velvet Dress (brand new) Retail $68 Paid $2.99
Zella Hoodie Retail $79 Paid $6.49
Children’s Place Outfit Retail $40 Paid $6.99/Piece
Hollister Hoodie Retail $29 Paid $6.99


Thrifty Lessons to teach our kids

My kids every now and again try to act a little stinky and bougie about thrift stores.  It’s usually because an adult will see my post and it will trickle down to them, or a peer will and give them grief, such is life.  “We can’t let words get to us” is what I painfully tell my nuggets.  I take them with me treasure hunting on weekends occasionally and they quickly get over the attitude rediscovering that it’s fun dropping the pretenses and searching for treasures.  Thrifting teaches kids to recycle, reuse, and donate.  And for the love of Peet ,it teaches them the long lost art of saving money.  Why spend it, even if you do have it?  Put it away for a rainy day, you never know when you’re going to need that umbrella and you’ve spent it all on shiny new clothes. Yikes! I wish I would have realized that in my twenties when I blew every extra dime on shoes I can’t even remember the brand name of now.  How are they helping me now, they aren’t.  Lesson learned,I can only hope my kids pick up a tenth of what I am trying to instill in them by being resourceful.

But at the same time, let’s keep it real folks.  I love me some LV.  Who doesn’t? But nothing I own or have ever purchased has been full retail.  Why would anyone pay full retail for anything…ever?



Have you ever found any great treasures while thrifting? I would love to know your biggest and best find…Let me know in comments!


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