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Thrifty Thursday- DIY Part I

Thrifty Thursday- DIY Bench “Re-Do” Part I

I decided to take a different approach to ThriftyThursday this time around.  Partly because I needed a break from shopping to shop, which I find to be a bad habit and also not wanting to hear “It” from my husband about shopping  again (ugh.)  So for this and next weeks Thrifty Thursday, I am going to be saving tons of money by doing a DIY project and refurbishing an old yucky bench that came with my house when we moved in.

Why not just go out and buy a new bench Mari?  Well, I’m glad you asked!  Because I am so tight I will squeeze a quarter until the eagle screams, hence thrifty Thursday.  But I will still go out and spend money on lotions and potions and all sorts of botox and what not for aging fabulously, makes no sense in your head right?


Well, let me explain my reasoning. My face is my forever face. I have to make it last for the next 50 years or so.  This bench and all of the stuff in this house, pish posh.  It’s just stuff,  and it will be out of style in a few years anyway.   I will want to change it again.   So why spend the benjamins on high dollar stuff?  Doesn’t that put it in perspective for you? Or I sound like a lunatic, you decide.  While you’re pondering that, I’ll get back to the bench…

The Story of the Ugly Bench

Bless this ugly bench’s heart.  It came with the house, this poor sad blue plaid bench.  Left like an orphan in the night.  It found a home in my closet, soon becoming a catch-all.  Adding to the “character” of the bench it even has water damage from a roof leak we had.  But me being the Meiser that I am,  I kept telling myself I would eventually “re-do” it.  This week Thrifty Thursday is finally forcing my hand.

Being on a mission to do this project as inexpensive as possible I stop the hobby lobby fabric department.  I probably could have found fabric less expensive at a thrift store but sometimes the effort isn’t worth the money saved.  Fabric, especially specialty fabric like what I needed is hard to find, and I wasn’t up to chasing it all over town.

When I arrived at Hobby Lobby I made a bee-line for the clearance department.   I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice selection of home use fabric on clearance and enough of it for 60% off! * Double bonus- it was in a print I could live with.*  So I snatched it up, buying two yards of the clearance fabric.  I purchased extra to make a couple of throw pillows later.Thrifty Thursday

For this project I will need;

Material- Purchased 2 yards but will only use one $12
Spray Paint – Already Have – Haven’t decided which color
Batting? – Not Sure Yet, I have to get into it to see the condition

The fabric was originally $24 a yard I purchased for $12, If I don’t have to buy more batting that’s zero cost and if I use spray paint I already have, that’s a total cost of $24 for a bench.  I originally wanted to buy for $150 here…
Thrifty Thursday

I’m going to have to deconstruct the bench, assess the batting damage and decide whether or not to replace the grommets.  I tend to be on the crafter’s lazy side, so that’s probably going to be nixed.  I plan on doing all of this and posting for next week’s Thrifty Thursday.  My question to my 5 readers is …

What color for the legs…Metallic, Black, Brown? Help!   Let me know your thoughts in comments!


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