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The Yin & Yang of It


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Yin & Yang are the negative and positive forces in the universe.  They coexist and as bizarre as it sounds they need each other to maintain balance.  Examples are Hot & Cold, Fire & Ice, Good & Evil just to name a few.

This is what came to mind the other night while sitting at my “middle’s” band performance.  My heart ran the gauntlet of emotions,  sadness one second,  and then tears of joy when I was reminded that there is still beauty and good in the world.  

The Yin- We were sitting there waiting for the band performance to start while complaining as usual (bleacher seats with a bored 7 year old).  When my  friend Laura came to sit with me and chat.  She was visibly upset and proceeded to tell me that she had just quit her job.  Two weeks ago her older daughter started to exhibit symptoms of depression and anxiety.  She was afraid to leave her alone for fear she was going to hurt herself so she quit to stay home with her.   Laura’s  daughter had just kept telling her that her thoughts “were cloudy and jumbled!”    She went on to tell me she was conflicted as whether to medicate and that she had an appointment with a therapist but the therapist had cancelled due to illness.   Laura felt helpless in the situation.  We were both  fighting back the tears as we spoke.  I shared my story about my battle with depression so she wouldn’t feel so alone in this situation.  I didn’t know what else to do.  I’ve thought about Laura and her daughter the last couple of days and reached out to let her know I’m her if she needs anything.  As I was sitting there digesting all of this information.  I started the usual conversation in my head and asking  God…”WHY?” Anger and sadness building within me,  triggering feelings of my own battle with depression.

The Yang-   God works in not so mysterious ways. The  children’s performance started.  The children were so talented.  Oh my,  I don’t think  I have ever heard voices or instruments like that.  And yes it is middle school, and  no I hadn’t had any wine!  The voices of angels.  The choir, orchestra, and band performing Christmas songs it was beautiful.  I was fighting the tears.  It was just perfect as if  God was saying, “No worries, I got this!”

I’m still not so sure why we need so much of the “Yin.”  I’m fairly confident in assuming we can do with a little less of it and more “Yang” in the world.  But if we did have more positive,  would we truly appreciate all of the good that goes on?  If my friend didn’t share what was going in her life, would I have sat there and continued to bitch about the bleachers and how long the concert was taking?…Yep,  I could say in honestly I do not take enough time to stop and “smell the roses.”   Do any of us?  Maybe that was his, or the Universe’s’ way of “checking” me and reminding me that I need to be more grateful for the beauty and wonder that is out there.

Have you stopped to “Smell the Roses Today?”


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