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The Ultimate Keto Recipe List! Over 240 Keto Christmas Recipes!

“While visions of sugar cookies danced in her head,” is more like it.  Especially this time of year with cookies, candy, and fudge at every turn.  I thought I would help some sisters out by rounding up as many Keto Christmas recipes and put them in one convenient place.  As a token of Christmas goodwill so we can save those extra calories for what really matters during the holidays…wine and hot toddies 😉

I scoured the internet for as many interesting and fun Keto appetizer, meal and dessert recipes that I could find.  Most of these don’t seem too difficult!  Have yourself merry and joyous and sugar-free Keto Christmas!

Here are 25 Keto Christmas Cookie Recipes from
The PlateJoy Blog!

Ultimate Keto Christms

Next on the list are 21 Low Carb Recipes for a Keto Christmas by Kale and Kettlebells! The majority of these are cookies and sweets, HO HO HO!

Ultimate Keto Christmas

You had me at “Fat Bomb!” 12 Keto Sweet Treats for Christmas over at!

Ultimate Keto Christmas

What are the Holidays without Hot Chocolate and Peppermint?… Grassfed Girl has this yummy looking recipe for Keto Hot Chocolate! Try it and let me know in comments how you liked it!

Ultimate Keto Christmas

Word to your Mother (LOVE THAT NAME!) is sharing the keto Christmas love with 30 Recipes!  Those cinnamon rolls though, oh my!

Ultimate Keto Christmas

Going Christmas traditional here and making crescent cookies with “Hungry for Inspiration,” I remember these from when I was little! Ultimate Keto Christmas

From appetizers to ham Fight for Prosperity has got you covered this Holiday season with 25 Keto and Low Carb recipes!

Ultimate Keto Christmas

“The Frugal Caveman” is dishing up a Sugar Free Holiday with 25 Awesome Recipes!

Ultimate keto Christmas

Seeking Good Eats has our Holiday Meal covered with that delish looking Prime Rib and 18 other Keto Christmas Recipes!

Ultimate keto Christmas
Need side dish ideas for that prime rib we were talking about?…Good Eats has got you boo! Check out these 10 keto side dish recipes!

Ultimate Keto Christmas

Lack of keto side dishes will never be a problem again thanks to Word to your Mother Blog, here are OMG 46 Keto Side dishes perfect for the Holidays!

Ultimate Keto Christmas

Last but certainly not least what are the Holidays without…Egg Nog! Peace love and Low carb gathered up 29 Low Carb, Keto egg nog recipes, who knew there were so many?!Ultimate keto Christmas

Do you have a favorite Holiday Low carb or Keto Recipe, Or do you plan on trying one of these recipes? I would love to hear about you and your recipes in comments!

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