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The Perfect Little Black Dress!

The Perfect Little Black Dress
The Perfect Little Black Dress

Yes ladies, the holy grail of dresses has been found, the “Perfect” little black dress! And just what do I mean by perfect? I’m defining the perfect little black dress as;

  • Fitting off the rack (amazon rack that is)
  • It didn’t break the bank $59 with Free 2 day shipping (prime)
  • No dry cleaning required

Let me catch those of you up who are scratching their heads right now. I needed an lbd for a last minute event (a short curvy girls nightmare.) So I immediately started hunting. I ran to my local fav’s Marshall’s, TjMaxx and zippo, nada. So I hopped on Amazon and started perusing the cocktail dress section. They had soooooo many to choose from but I managed to I narrow it down to two darling dresses. Not being able to make up my mind and wanting to add some fun to this, I left the decision to my lovely readers and the winning dress was the lace dress. A BIG THANKS to all who voted!

The perfect little black dress

With no time to spare the dress showed up on Thursday evening. I said a quick prayer and tore that sucker open. I swear on my children I heard birds chirping and lights from the heavens shone upon me when I tried it on. It fit like a glove in all the right places, and praise be to G-d I wasn’t going to have to wear Spanx or chicken cutlets!

The Perfect Little Black Dress

If you are anything but 5’8 and a size 6 you know exactly what I am talking about when I say it is nearly impossible to find a dress that fits just right. That’s why I am calling this the Perfect Little Black Dress. This gem is the Unicorn of dresses, not too long, not too short, fitting but not too tight and I don’t have to be strapped in like a mental patient trying to escape an asylum!

For the night, I paired it (again with the help of readers) with my “go-to” nude heels! My favorite Sam Edelmans and Michael Kors clutch. The shoes come in about a gazillion colors and are attached to your feet. A must have for me, a natural born klutz. You can go check the heels out HERE!  (Be still my heart, check out those lovely rose gold ones!)

The Michael Kors clutch was a gift from the hubby and I use it whenever I have to “adult.” Even though it’s animal print it’s very neutral and it really does go with everything. You can check it out red, blue and navy. Needless to say, I will be ordering this dress in the red and the navy, just to have on hand. It would be perfect in navy for business events. It is also available in a lighter blue I believe, but not so sure I like that color. For size reference, I am wearing a size 8 and I am 5’4 and weigh about 135 on a no taco day.

The Perfect Little Black Dress

Do you have a “go-to” LBD? I would love to hear about it?

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