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The Ordinary- AHA Peeling Solution – Review

Ok, So I was binge watching my favorite “other” bblogger the other day Carmine over at Skincarma.  He is funny and knows his stuff, the perfect combo. If you haven’t checked him out do so. While doing so I came across his review of The Ordinary’s AHA Skin Peeling solution. Of course, I had to try it out.

After three long weeks of waiting it finally showed up and I slapped that sucker on faster than a hooker can unbutton her pants. I being a seasoned veteran of peels, this was no big deal.

It touts a combined 32% AHA BHA solution, which is really high for OTC exfoliators. Probably one of the highest if not the highest available. It also contains a B5 and Pepperberry to help calm inflammation and burning sensation. The Pepperberry also is responsible for the frighteningly red color, that makes you look like you’ve had a vampire facial.

Pepperberry Love!

The directions indicate to use no more than twice a week on dry skin. I’m just going to say I have used more than that. I DO NOT recommend this, again I repeat, I am a seasoned veteran of peels, exfoliation, and in office TCA Peels I have a high tolerance for pain and my skin is used to regular chemical exfoliation.

Summation– This peel is great for the person looking for an at-home peel once or twice a week to unblock pores and give you that fresh facial look. Just remember always wear a high SPF every day all day every day! It is the number one most important thing in your skin care routine!

Do I recommend The Ordinary Skin Peeling Solution? … YES and you can grab it HERE!

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