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Subscription Box Reviews

The MAIbox~ Subscription Box Review @SimplyComplicatedMom

The MAIbox~ Subscription Box ReviewThe MAIbox~ Subscription Box Review

Let me first disclose this box was sent to me at no cost for review

The MAIbox- As described on their site ;

Helping the busy and on-the-go mom take better care of herself. Bi-monthly, thoughtfully curated gifts are delivered right to your doorstep! 

 How the MAIbox Works;

  • A bi-monthly box of Self Care Items
  • Step 1 Choose Payment options – One time payment of $149 .99/ 4 month -$70 / 2 month-$39.99
  • Step 2 Fill out a short survey about your preferences
  • Step 3 Wait for the Goodies to Arrive- They will ship before the 20th of Every Month

Review of MAIbox

The MAIbox~ Subscription Box Review

The MAIbox was delivered in the usual box manner, at my doorstep.  It was carefully packaged and nothing was broken.  I am mentioning this because I have been known to cancel subscriptions because of too many broken products.

I was pleasantly surprised, the packaging was beautiful.  Bright orange wrapping paper greeted me as well as a handwritten thank you note, presumedly from the owner.

The Products

Bubly- 2 Cans of Bubly which my kiddos are fighting over Retail price $3 totalThe MAIbox~ Subscription Box Review

Bumkins  Reusable Snack Bag Retail price $5.95The MAIbox~ Subscription Box Review

iSuperb coin Purse Retail price Retail Price $7.98The MAIbox~ Subscription Box Review

Cuccio Naturale Hydrating Butter Retail Price $8.00The MAIbox~ Subscription Box Review

Solstice Tea Loose Leaf Tea Retail Price $3.99

Scents and Throws Scented Candle (sugared lemon) Retail price $10.00

BONUS’ Bali Bar Soap (Papaya) The best Retail Price I could match online was $6.50 & Loose Leaf infuser baskets X 3 Retail Price About $3 Each

Favorites- Infusers, Loose Leaf Tea, Bubly’s, and Candle!

The MAIbox~ Subscription Box Review

 Total Value of the MAIbox about $60

The Verdict

I very much enjoyed the June MAIbox.  I loved the fact that most of the products were full size products.  Also the fact that the majority of the items were not “off brands” was a big plus for me.  Additionally the packaging was a big plus, no broken items is a big plus plus in my book.  My very unscientific way of scoring boxes is the “regifting” method, meaning how many items would I regift out of this box.  The MAIbox receives a super 1 out of 7 and only because the only item I would regift was the Bumkin snack bag because I no longer have littles.  In their defense they weren’t privy to that information because ,I didn’t fill out a survey.

How to get a MAIbox for Yourself

You can use the code MVPMOM20 for 20% off first order when you head over to and you can follow MAIbox @themaibox on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 


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