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TGIF~Friday Favorites

TGIF Peeps!  Friday’s for me are the day to try to get everything done that I put off during the week, so I can try to have a semi-restful weekend.  Anyone else in the same hectic boat?

I’m going to start a new weekly post giving you a glimpse into my “simply complicated life,”  and share some of my favorite things. 

Friday Favorites

The first thing  that come to mind are my key fob and “Big O.”  Not what you think (wish it were) …

TGIF~Friday Favorites
Smiling because of my “Big O” 😉

If you know me, you know I jingle when I walk (not like a circus monkey.)

I carry a key fob for my cards and my “Big O” for my car keys.  Only carrying these two things instead of a purse makes running 8 million errands so much easier during the day.   I can just stop the car jump out and go.  The “Big O” brand wristlet is a tad more than I would ever pay for anything for myself .  And my bf knows that so she bought it for me Christmas last year (love her!)

So thought I would bring you some budget friendly options that I have used in the past that work just as well!
Coil Wristlet
Leather Wristlet
Jilzarah Beaded Wristlet







What are your favorite “can’t live without’s?”




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