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Easy Craft using Broken Crayons

Giving Old Crayons a New Life with this Easy Valentine Craft!  I love to do crafts,  Especially crafts where I don’t have to go to the craft store and drop a ton of coin buying ridiculous supplies that I will never use ever again, This particular craft fits the bill perfectly!

Who doesn’t have broken crayons laying around the house by the billions? And as far as molds go,  any which one will do,  I chose star because #1 That’s what we had  #2 Any which ones will work!

  • Start by gathering all of your bits of broken crayon pieces together.  I personally had to go room to room.  Yep we are unorganized,  Finding them of course not in the crayon box, but everywhere BUT the crayon box!
  • Begin peeling the little buggars and breaking them into little nuggets.  We chose a pink, blue, purple & red color theme to go along with Valentine’s Day.  My little wants to give them as gifts for the Holiday.  You do whatever color scheme floats your boat.
  • Easy Craft Using Old Crayons


Preheat your oven to 200 degrees.  Next Fill the molds with the crayon pieces. I chose to go about half way.  The stars are a bit easier for little hands to handle the thinner they end up being.

Easy Craft Using Old Crayons


  • Place in oven- If using silicone molds, put molds on cookie sheet first.  This will prevent hot silicone molds from spilling hot wax on you when you pull out of oven.  Bake about 15-20 minutes or until wax is liquid.  Remove from oven with oven mits and let cool completely.  Do not stir or move.  Once molds are completely cool to the touch pop out of molds.
  • Easy Craft Using Old Crayons


We packed our "Crayon Stars" in Dollar Tree Valentine's Day Themed Bags and off they went.Easy Craft Using Old Crayons
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