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 Married to a Bodybuilder

I wasn’t always married to a bodybuilder,  it just kind of happened. He fell in love with a hobby and a lifestyle developed. Now once or twice a year I share him with a gym, trainers, more trainers, and a world that I will never quite understand.

To be fair, he does come to me every time he wants to compete to discuss whether we can handle another physique competition, specifically our marriage.  After this last competition,  I told him I would divorce him if he did another show.   That was my visceral reaction after enduring another emotional roller coaster ride of competition season.  Was I serious?. At the time yes.  Now nine months since the last one,  nope.  He is eating like a human again and his horns have been filed back down.   So we will stay married and our marriage will survive to see another year. 

This article is not meant to be taken this the wrong way.  I am so very proud of my husband and the amount of discipline and dedication it takes to get your body down to 3% body fat.  My elbow fat doesn’t even get that low.  I’m at a cool 35% right now and I’m pretty content if I can reach into my closet and my “skinny jeans”  fit.  The purpose of this post is to shed some light of what the other half of the equation- the spouses go thru when married to an ultra-disciplined, boiled chicken eating, 3% fat kind of person.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Grocery Game

Expect to Purchase HUGE, as in astronomical amounts of chicken breast, tuna, spinach, and eggs for your spouse’s diet.  People will look at you sideways at the store when you throw 5 bags of chicken and frozen spinach in your cart.  Thank the lord self-checkout is now a thing. Shake n’bake will cease to exist along with any other “normal” way to prepare chicken. Now the only way you can prepare chicken is to boil and dry grill until it’s depleted of all flavor and deliciousness.  PS. Salt also becomes a bad word in your house, deserving of the death glare at times.

Married to a Bodybuilder

Seeing your Spouse in a New Light

Unfortunately, at some point, you WILL walk in on your spouse ( husband in my case)  shaving parts of his body you didn’t know needed shaving.  And yes, he will ask you to “get that spot he missed.”  You will walk away feeling conflicted and questioning if you will ever be able to look at your husband with the same longing ever again.  In addition, you will also wonder if you’re going to end up being one of those women whose husband had a lifestyle choice change halfway thru their marriage.

Posing- When you walk into your closet and find your hubby in a banana hammock doing his best Vogue impression and smiling like a serial killer.  Please resist the urge to laugh.  Trust me…lesson learned

Mood Swings

Your competitor will be the biggest a**hole in the world then turn on a dime.  They will have moments where they realize they have been devils and kiss the ground you walk on, just to flip again ten minutes later.  The moods will eventually have you questioning your own sanity.  When you ask what’s wrong, expect the usual growl of “FINE!”  The moodiness really isn’t their fault, Their bodies are basically eating themselves for fuel.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

The spouse will basically live at the gym,  which is OK at this point because as we discussed earlier, we really don’t want them around at this point anymore anyway.  Which leads me to my next subject SEX.  Their Testosterone levels are on overdrive, either because of supplementation or other reasons.  Therefore in addition to being moody little buggars, they are moody, hungry and randy.  You can either go with the flow and enjoy the ride (pun intended) or fight the good fight for the six months leading up to the big show.

Invest in Dark Linens

I so lovingly named my husband  George Hamilton (see pic)  By the time they get to show, they will eventually give “Tanning Mom” a run for her money! Invest in a pair of dark sheets, you’ll thank me later.  After the show and after all of the tanning applications, it takes days to wash off! 

Married to a Bodybuilder

Is it Worth it?

YES…despite all of the above reasons, it is worth it.  When it is all said and done and your spouse is on stage happily beaming with their overly white teeth you know it was all worth it.  Crying tears of joy and pride because that is your overly tanned lovey up there and they will be eating cheeseburgers and donuts with you shortly.


Married to a Bodybuilder
He’s Number 90..

It is now September 30th, 2018 and my hubby is now training again for the Arnold 2019 in Ohio.  Just this week I bought my first haul of spinach, eggs, and chicken…Such is the life of the wife of a bodybuilder!  I will once again, be in the audience in March cheering him on!

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The Best & Easiest Pancake Recipe Ever!

In Honor of #nationalpancakeday,  I’m sharing with you my super simple recipe for the Best Pancakes!

Happy National Pancake Day!…I’ve never met a pancake or a pancake recipe I didn’t like,  have you?  What’s not to like, their fluffiness, sweetness, butteriness goodness? I could go on forever, but I’ll spare you.  In fact, I love them so much I make them every single Sunday for our “Big Family Breakfast,” rarely deviating from the menu. Because of this, I have perfected my pancake recipe.  And not to brag but the words “these are the best pancakes” have been heard in my kitchen.  So in honor of National Pancake day, I thought I would share the love and the recipe, a word I am using generously (you will see why below) #nationalpancakeday


The Best Pancake Recipe Ever

The Best Pancake Recipe Ever…Are you ready for it?  It’s so easy, I’m not even going to use the recipe format for this one.  You just add one teaspoon of Mexican Vanilla to your batch of pancakes, that’s it, folks. Nope,  I don’t do a special scratch pancake batter, I have tried some in the past but for the amount of work that went into them, I didn’t find them to be any better.  So I went back to boxed pancake mixes. I do however have a preference in boxed pancake mixes…Krusteaz!   The Best Pancake Recipe Ever

If you have been reading my blog, you know I’m married to a bodybuilder, so adding extra protein to every meal is an unwritten rule in my household.  So when Krusteaz came out with their new buttermilk Protein pancake mix I thought I would give it a whirl. Boy howdy, I was not disappointed,  these pancakes are light and airy, yet filling and sweet (because of the vanilla)

The best pancake recipe ever
Swirls of Sweetness from the Mexican Vanilla

Start by mixing up your boxed pancake mix and add 1 teaspoon vanilla per 12 pancakes. Pop those babies on your very well greased, hot griddle and cook up as usual.  That’s it ladies and gents.  The difference in taste is night and day, and your family will let you know, these are different, better and your family will want you to make these from now on.

Pancake Tricks for Pancake Virgins

If you are a pancake virgin here are a few hints that will help you to make your best pancake

  • Grease your griddle with butter (real salted butter not spray) in between each batch of pancakes.  The pancakes will taste richer and flip easier.
  • Don’t flip your pancakes until you see bubbles throughout the pancake.  The bubbles let you know the pancakes are done. The best pancake recipe ever

Why Mexican Vanilla?

One of the many benefits to living in a border town is having items like Mexican Vanilla readily available.  Therefore I don’t know any different.  Well, not true…I accidentally bought vanilla extract from the grocery store once in my 20’s and I learned my lesson quickly.  The depth of flavor and richness in color just does not compare.  You have to do your label research though.  Many vanillas labeled “Pure or Mexican” are not pure Mexican Vanilla.  True Mexican Vanillas are processed differently (mainly by hand)  therefore deriving a different flavor. Some critics and the FDA warns against Mexican vanilla citing high levels of a toxin Coumarin, I’ll take my chances. I’m not drinking it or bathing in it for peet’s sake.

So there you have it, my hack for pancakes…Add Mexican Vanilla and it will up your pancake game 100% and the compliments will start pouring in!

The Best Pancake Recipe Ever

What food hacks have you discovered lately? I’d love to know in comments!

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Wednesday Wisdom

Good Morning Everyone!  I’m going to keep it short this morning, I have a post to write, a bathroom to paint and a flyer to finish…yada yada yada! Here is some quick Wednesday Wisdom for you that spoke to me…

wednesday wisdom


Daily Recipes

I stumbled across this recipe after this weekend trying a very popular low carb ice cream brand starting with “h” ending in “o” and spitting it out after one bite.  Can low carb ice cream taste good?…Maybe we will find out? This recipe for low carb ice cream from “Low carb yum” promises that it does…fingers crossed!

Wednesday Wisdom


Cool Pumpkin Art Craft

This diy craft for “Pour paint pumpkins” caught my eye yesterday as it floated across my feed.  It looks like it takes a bit to dry, but the end results look amazing.  I’m thinking maybe use glitter paint and use as different pumpkin sizes as centerpieces.  What do you think?

Wednesday Wisdom


Daily Deals

Here are just a few of Today’s Daily Deals and a few I thought looked interesting.  Follow along on facebook for more deals posted throughout the day!






Happy Hump Day Everyone!  I don’t know about you, but this quick and drastic change in the weather (insert sarcasm here) has been making me want to bake.  I found this article with over 50 different recipes with canned pumpkin…FIFTY! That’s a lot of pumpkin!   A common staple found in every store this time of year.

Hint– Last year I stocked up at the local dollar tree.  They had a gourmet brand canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)  I stocked up,  it’s never that cheap, so keep an eye out.

I sorted thru the article 58 Canned Pumpkin Recipes,  some are easy peasy like your typical muffins and bread and some I wouldn’t attempt on a good day (ice cream).  But nonetheless, it’s a good resource.  Check it out…

Daily Recipes

58 Canned Pumpkin Recipes


Daily Deals

Here are just a few of Today’s Daily Deals and a few I thought looked interesting.  Follow along on facebook for more deals posted throughout the day!


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100 Meatless Recipes for Lent!

We are into the second week of Lent with six more to go, and I am already racking my brain for “meatless” meals for my family.   So I have scoured the web and have complied over 100 Meatless Family Friendly Ideas from some of my favorite blogs for you.

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