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Over 200 Paleo & Low Carb Recipes!

From snacks to appetizers to desserts I have scoured the internet and rounded up over 200 Paleo and Low carb recipes!

It seems like Paleo and Low Carb living is everywhere these days and for good reason.  The Paleo and low carb diets are effective weight loss methods when done correctly. I myself am able to lose a few pounds in a week when I go low carb for a week.  Because of this surge in popularity and the need to have them in one place I have rounded up over 200 different Paleo and Low Carb Recipes for you, but first…What is the difference between the Paleo and Low Carb diets?

Differences and Similarities between Paleo and Low Carb?

Here is a great chart, I found over at “Paleo Leap” charting the differences 

  Generic low-carb/keto Paleo
Carbohydrate level Low Variable; low to medium.
Ultimate goal Typically weight loss (although there are exceptions) Better health (sometimes this includes weight loss)
Is soy sauce (containing wheat) allowed? Yes, since the tiny amount of carbohydrate is negligible. No, since wheat is a gut irritant.
Is canola oil (containing lots of Omega-6 fats) allowed? Yes, since it has no carbs. No, since Omega-6 fats are inflammatory and unhealthy.
Are sweet potatoes (containing significant amounts of carbohydrate) allowed? No, since they have carbs. Yes, since they are full of nutrients and do not contain any toxins or gut irritants.
Is tofu (containing soy) allowed? Yes, since it has few carbs. No; soy is full of inflammatory Omega-6 fats and other problems.
Is dairy allowed? If it’s full-fat, to minimize carbs. Maybe, if you personally tolerate it well.


Now that you understand the basic facts about both lifestyles Here are over 200 Paleo and Low Carb Recipes!


Here are over 20 Easy Paleo Crock Pot Recipes from “”

Over 200 Paleo & Low Carb Recipes!


9 Kids Paleo Lunch Ideas from “Paleo Recipes World”  Over 200 Paleo & Low Carb Recipes!


20 Keto Low Carb Snack Recipes from Healthful Pursuit! 

Over 200 Paleo & Low Carb Recipes!

21 One pan Paleo Dinners Courtesy of Paleo Hacks

Over 200 Paleo & Low Carb Recipes!

I love this one for busy mommas! 20 Easy Paleo Dinners for Weeknights courtesy of

Over 200 Paleo & Low Carb Recipes!

Well, this title says it all, from …Please let me know if someone tries it!

Over 200 Paleo & Low Carb Recipes!

20 Chocolate keto Deserts under 6 Net Grams from Low Carb MavenOver 200 Paleo & Low Carb Recipes!

27 keto Pumpkin Recipes for Fall from

Over 200 Paleo & Low Carb Recipes!

Also from kale  and kettleballs 21 Low Carb Recipes for a Keto Christmas

Over 200 Paleo & Low Carb Recipes!

25 Essential Paleo Lunch Recipes

Over 200 Paleo & Low Carb Recipes!

9 of the Best Paleo Popsicles

Over 200 Paleo & Low Carb Recipes!


Ten Low Carb Skillet meals by Kaylyn’s Kitchen! 

over 200 paleo low carb recipes

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The Best & Easiest Pancake Recipe Ever!

In Honor of #nationalpancakeday,  I’m sharing with you my super simple recipe for the Best Pancakes!

Happy National Pancake Day!…I’ve never met a pancake or a pancake recipe I didn’t like,  have you?  What’s not to like, their fluffiness, sweetness, butteriness goodness? I could go on forever, but I’ll spare you.  In fact, I love them so much I make them every single Sunday for our “Big Family Breakfast,” rarely deviating from the menu. Because of this, I have perfected my pancake recipe.  And not to brag but the words “these are the best pancakes” have been heard in my kitchen.  So in honor of National Pancake day, I thought I would share the love and the recipe, a word I am using generously (you will see why below) #nationalpancakeday


The Best Pancake Recipe Ever

The Best Pancake Recipe Ever…Are you ready for it?  It’s so easy, I’m not even going to use the recipe format for this one.  You just add one teaspoon of Mexican Vanilla to your batch of pancakes, that’s it, folks. Nope,  I don’t do a special scratch pancake batter, I have tried some in the past but for the amount of work that went into them, I didn’t find them to be any better.  So I went back to boxed pancake mixes. I do however have a preference in boxed pancake mixes…Krusteaz!   The Best Pancake Recipe Ever

If you have been reading my blog, you know I’m married to a bodybuilder, so adding extra protein to every meal is an unwritten rule in my household.  So when Krusteaz came out with their new buttermilk Protein pancake mix I thought I would give it a whirl. Boy howdy, I was not disappointed,  these pancakes are light and airy, yet filling and sweet (because of the vanilla)

The best pancake recipe ever
Swirls of Sweetness from the Mexican Vanilla

Start by mixing up your boxed pancake mix and add 1 teaspoon vanilla per 12 pancakes. Pop those babies on your very well greased, hot griddle and cook up as usual.  That’s it ladies and gents.  The difference in taste is night and day, and your family will let you know, these are different, better and your family will want you to make these from now on.

Pancake Tricks for Pancake Virgins

If you are a pancake virgin here are a few hints that will help you to make your best pancake

  • Grease your griddle with butter (real salted butter not spray) in between each batch of pancakes.  The pancakes will taste richer and flip easier.
  • Don’t flip your pancakes until you see bubbles throughout the pancake.  The bubbles let you know the pancakes are done. The best pancake recipe ever

Why Mexican Vanilla?

One of the many benefits to living in a border town is having items like Mexican Vanilla readily available.  Therefore I don’t know any different.  Well, not true…I accidentally bought vanilla extract from the grocery store once in my 20’s and I learned my lesson quickly.  The depth of flavor and richness in color just does not compare.  You have to do your label research though.  Many vanillas labeled “Pure or Mexican” are not pure Mexican Vanilla.  True Mexican Vanillas are processed differently (mainly by hand)  therefore deriving a different flavor. Some critics and the FDA warns against Mexican vanilla citing high levels of a toxin Coumarin, I’ll take my chances. I’m not drinking it or bathing in it for peet’s sake.

So there you have it, my hack for pancakes…Add Mexican Vanilla and it will up your pancake game 100% and the compliments will start pouring in!

The Best Pancake Recipe Ever

What food hacks have you discovered lately? I’d love to know in comments!

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Tuesday Thoughts- Daily Deals, Game Day Recipes & More!

Today I have Camping deals, Game Day Recipes for ya’! When researching today’s dates and topics,  my choices were National Lobster Day or National Voter Registration Day…Ummm?  Ok, so my only Tuesday thought today are…National Voter Registration Day

Be on the lookout today for a NEW Beauty Product review! And in case you missed yesterday’s money saving post you can catch up HERE! 

Daily Recipes

It’s Fall ya’ll and that means Football Season, Here are 8 game day app recipes for ya’! 

Game Day Recipes


Daily Deals

Here are just a few of Today’s Daily Deals and a few I thought looked interesting.  Follow along on facebook for more deals posted throughout the day!







 Grilled Romaine Salad~The Easiest & Most Affordable Side Dish Ever!

This Recipe for Grilled Balsamic Romaine Salad is my “go to” when I need a side dish.  Grilled Balsamic Romaine Salad is super inexpensive and really easy.  10 bucks & 10 Minutes and you can feed about 10 people.  You can’t beat that.  I serve it with just about everything from burgers to steaks.  I hope you enjoy!Grilled Balsamic Romaine Salad


Grilled Romaine Salad

Quick and Simply Grilled Salad! 

Course Salad
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 8


  • 2 Heads Romaine Lettuce Not just the hearts the whole head
  • 1 cup Italian or Balsamic Dressing of your choice
  • 1/2 onion Sliced (optional) Yellow or Red is fine


  1. Slice the Heads of Lettuce down the middle in half,   As well as the onion.  Place on Medium Heat Grill.  Grill for 5 minutes or until Grill marks.  Do not over grill, the salad will be wilted. 

  2. When you get the grill marks you desire, remove from heat and chop immediately.  I slice the onion very thin,  I don't like it to overpower the salad. 

  3. After chopping toss with dressing of your choice.  I use Olive Garden Dressing I like the sweetness of it against the char of the grill.  I have used Balsamic before that also works.  

  4. Serve warm and Enjoy! 

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It’s National Avocado Day!

Happy Tuesday!  Isn’t it weird how some things just play out?  Example Sunday I made had to make guac didn’t have ripe avocados.  I researched aka googled how to ripen them up quickly, figured it out and posted about it yesterday!  And today is National Avocado Day, Coincidence? I don’t believe in those even if it’s silly, like avocados. Here is my post incase you missed it.  I also have for you today’s recipe and deals.  Have a super day and stay cool! How to Ripen an Avocado Fast! National Avocado Day

I’ve never met an avocado I didn’t like, especially a guac recipe! So here is a cool one I found for you this morning! Kind of basic but with a technique I have never used.

National Avocado Day

Daily Deals

Free Guac at Chipotle!

Use the 7-digit offer code AVOCADO when placing an online or in-app order to receive FREE Guac on your entrée OR a FREE side of Guac OR a regular order of Chips & Guac with a purchase of a burrito, bowl, salad or order of tacos. Offer valid on Tuesday, July 31st, 2018 from open to close at participating Chipotle restaurants in the U.S. Not valid for in-restaurant orders. Here are just a few of today’s sales Anne Cole, Bob Strollers, Fiesta Ware, Miss Me and Hanna Anderson!   Click HERE for the entire selection of awesome deals. 




 50% Off Select Styles from 7/30 at 12am – 8/2 at 11:59pm There are tons of items less than $20!

LOFT is an awesome site for deals.  They have a deal of the day section HERE to look over with super deals on goods.  Today they have a summer coupon code to apply also! In my area they have Samsclub deals, Rockin Jump and so many other great deals! Check it out!


How to Ripen an Avocado Fast!

Yesterday I found myself with 4 unripe avocados and people coming over for dinner.  What’s a girl to do? My first approach was the usual brown bag and sunlight.  So out they went, and four hours later what did I have?  Just a barely softened avocado…drats! Google to the rescue.  I found several articles on how to ripen avocados.  One method kept popping up, foil and an oven method.  It promised to deliver a ripe avocado guac ready in 10 minutes.  I had nothing to lose!

I grabbed foil and my avocados, and preheated my oven (convection) to 220.  While it was preheating, I wrapped the avocado in foil.How to Ripen an Avocado Fast!

Once the oven was ready I placed in the oven and checked on it every 5 minutes.  There was a weird smell in the air, so I was convinced I was burning it but no, they just stink when you heat them up.  I took it out after ten minutes and it wasn’t quite done yet.  I don’t think this is an exact science, It depends on the size, ripeness, etc of the avocado.  So my advice to you is keep the oven low around 200 and keep checking on it.  How to Ripen an Avocado Fast!

After 15 minutes I took it out, WARNING it was HOT,  Steam gathers in the foil.  When you cut it steam releases again from it.  I probably should have waited to cut it, but I don’t comprehend the word patience.

When I opened the avocado (which I was able to do because it was soft) I was pleasantly surprised I had a softened all be it very hot avocado!  How to Ripen an Avocado Fast!


How to Ripen an Avocado FastI placed it in the fridge to cool down for a bit and went on to make my guac! Do you have any kitchen hacks you would like to share? I would love to hear about them, leave me a comment below!

How to Pick the Sweetest Watermelon Every Time

Watermelon the Perfect Side Dish for Any Summer Party

With summer finally here and weekend BBQ’s on on the agenda, I often find myself at the grocery store looking for a quick and easy side dish.  Sliced Watermelon is my “go to” dish for most of the backyard shindigs.  Watermelon is easy, inexpensive and takes 15 minutes to prep with no hot oven heating up my kitchen!  Making Watermelon the perfect compliment to any summer meal.

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