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Fun and Simple Thanksgiving DIY Project!

Fun and Simple, if you have been reading my blog you know those are two of my favorite words, also the only type of craft and recipe I will ever attempt, especially during the holidays namely Thanksgiving and Christmas when stressors are at an all-time high!

So when looking for something this week for something to keep my little one busy this craft came across my Pinterest feed and looked wait for it…FUN and SIMPLE needing only four items, we went for it! So without further adieu, here is our take on Thanksgiving Mason Jar Candle Holders a fun and simple Thanksgiving DIY project!

Fun and Simple Thanksgiving DIY Project




Ingredients needed

Mason Jars, or other glass containers
Modge Podge
Leaves (Faux work best & will last longer)

Fun and Simple Thanksgiving DIY Project


And Voila…This might very well be the easiest Thanksgiving craft ever!

Fun and Simple Thanksgiving DIY Project

For more crafts the SC Mom way click HERE…Stay tuned for another candle holder post tomorrow with only two items needed from the dollar store!

Thrifty Thursday- DIY Bench Redo

It’s Thrifty Thursday and it’s part II of my DIY bench redo!  It’s also pushing noon and I’m killing myself to put this post together.  Please don’t misunderstand,  the DIY part of the project actually was easy peasy, as promised and I will show you in a bit.  But the actual sitting down to write about it is a whole other story.  Eh-such is the life of a busy mom, wife, and budding entrepreneur pushing mid 40’s sigh… (double sigh to that last part)

To catch anyone up, that may have missed the original Thrifty Thursday post regarding this DIY Bench Redo here ya go…

THrifty Thursday diy bench

I had wanted to take a break from thrift shopping for a few weeks and tackle some other way to save money and also bring you something different to read about.  Mission accomplished!  I found in my closet a gross, water-damaged old bench that I saw a glimmer of potential in.

The only supplies I needed were;

my painting shoes, (lesson learned from previous projects)
my handy dandy staple gun
spray paint
fabric- on clearance at Hobby Lobby
…and Tadah a lazy crafters perfect DIY Bench redo for under $30 saving me heaps of money! Here are the easy-peasy instructions and pics!

Thrifty Thursday DIY BENCH


Check it out!…I ended up liking this bench so much it’s been promoted to my bedroom, Do you like it? I also plan on making throw pillows with the extra fabric for my bed all for a cool $30…double score!

diy bench redoHave you done any easy craft or DIY projects lately that would make Martha twitch? I would love to hear about them in comments!

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4 Fun & Easy Halloween Treats!

If you have been following my blog you know I don’t do any crafts or recipes that involve googling an ingredient, glitter or requiring 15 or more minutes of my patience.  I’m a total believer in working smarter not harder. We have enough on our overfilled plates mamas. But at the same time, I don’t judge, If you want to spend your time hand beading your kids Halloween costume you do you boo, I’ll buy mine at Marshalls and we will survive.

So when the Holiday’s come around I spend about 5 minutes googling easy crafts.  And this year, was no exception.  I found four projects that looked super easy, only required light grocery shopping and wouldn’t destroy my kitchen…did I mention I’m a little of a neat freak? Here ya’ go all four projects from the last week in one place!

Four fun and easy Halloween projects

Spooky Spiders, Ghostly Graveyards, Witch’s Hats, and Witch’s Broomsticks all only required at most five ingredients and ten minutes of my time.  Each project my eight years old mostly did with minor instruction from me, including the mixing of food coloring.  And each fun and easy Halloween treat was exactly that fun and easy with my little one begging the question “mom when are we doing the next one?”  ….to which the standard “later,” was replied.

“Ghostly Graveyards”

The first one we attempted was Ghostly Graveyards only needing four ingredients;
chocolate pudding cups, Oreo cookies, Reese’s ghosts (or peeps ghosts) and pumpkins for embellishments) and here are the directions.  This project could not have been easier and more delish, check out the full post HERE…

“Spooky Spiders”

Spooky spiders were second on our list of fun and easy Halloween treats.  This was my daughter’s favorite treat, I think because of the whimsical edible ending.  They truly ended up looking like spiders!  This fun and easy treat only needed 5 ingredients and took about ten minutes to complete, of course, longer if you were mass producing them for a class or two!  Check out the full instructions HERE>….PS. They eyeballs would have been less messy if a grown up were dotting the eyes, but the o.c.d had to let this one go.

Simple and Fun Halloween Treat

“Witch’s Hats & Broomsticks”

Witch’s Hats & Broomsticks were last on the list to attempt but not least.  They came out too cute for words, especially the hats.  We improvised and made these our own by adding a dollop of green icing, after realizing they needed something to pep them up a bit, don’t you agree?   Plus, the sweet of the icing and the salty of the pretzel made these oh so good to eat!  These would definitely be a crowd pleaser at a sweet Halloween class party or craft for kiddos to make with minimal mess (just premix the icing, or pull a Mari and just buy it pre-colored next time 😉  Check out the full Post HERE…

Cute & Easy Halloween Treat

10-minute Graveyards, Broomsticks, and Spiders were the extent of my Halloween craftiness. Now onto my lazy Thanksgiving crafts!  And I’m ok with that! Work smarter not harder.   You want the kiddos to remember the happy mamma, not the exhausted one!

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If you have an easy Turkey or upcoming Holiday Craft to recommend or share I’d love to hear about it in comments!



Cute & Easy Halloween Treats

Here are my last two easy Halloween treats, “Witch’s Hat and Broomsticks.”  If you missed the first two, “Ghostly Graveyards & Spooky Spiders,” you can catch up here…

Simple and Fun Halloween Treat Fun and Easy Halloween Treat







Today is my final Easy Halloween treat tutorial “Witch’s Hats and Broomsticks”  and I use that words loosely because all three of these spooky treats are so simple my 8-year-old lil’ witch assistant pretty much did them on her own, with little direction from me. Needless to say, there has been a considerable increase in chocolate intake and the need for spandex this week 😉

For your witch’s hats and broomsticks, you need a total of only 5 ingredients, woohoo!  And the Oreos you already have from the Spooky Spiders, double score!

Here is your super easy Halloween treat list…

Easy Halloween Treat


After gathering your ingredients, enlist the help of a little witch.  They make the best helpers, as long as they don’t eat more than assist like mine!

Grab your Oreos and separate them.  I have seen other witches hats with the cookie intact, I thought it looked a bit bulky.  But you do you boo! (no pun intended 😉
Next, I added a few drops of green food coloring and made 1/8 cup of green icing to adhere the kiss to the hat.
Finally, plop your chocolate kiss on top and voila …Witch’s Hats

Easy Halloween Treat


Now onto our final and easiest of all of the Halloween treats, the accessory to our witch’s hats… “Witches Broomsticks.”

Grab your ingredients to this super cute and the easiest of all of the Halloween treats…Pretzel Sticks, Leftover icing from your hats and mini peanut butter cups
Poke holes in the tops of the cups, I figured this out after losing a few sticks to breakage (lesson learned)
Next, dab your pretzel stick in your green icing.  This is optional, I think the color added a little something to the broomsticks.
And finally, stick that pretzel into your mini peanut butter cup and tadah…”Witches Broomsticks!

You could not have a cuter and easier Halloween Treat except for the first two we did last week, “ghostly graveyards and Spooky Spiders.”

Easy Halloween Treat



For more DIY the Simply way, Under 5 ingredients and takes less than 10 minutes click HERE>>>

If you have any cute Halloween ideas I would love to hear about them in comments below! 


The “Boredom Buster Jar”

We have three weeks left of summer and I don’t know about you but we’re about 75% “Lord of the Flies” in my house.  My Mary Poppins aspirations at the beginning of the summer have gone up in bippity boppity boo smoke.  We have crafted until we can glue no more. We have seen every possible movie there is too see even the ones I probably should not have taken them too, but desperation forced me too. Even the grandparents are starting to ignore my pleading texts to take these hellions off my hands long enough for me just to get a piece of my sanity back.

I caught myself the other day echoing my mother yelling, “So help me G-d If you say I’m bored, one more time”…and well I’m not going to repeat what I said next, this is a pg blog, but you get the picture.  So I came up with a “boredom buster” of sorts. So far it has been effective. Even with the older kids, who at this point I’m wondering if they are half-vampire,  the amount of time they would just prefer to stay in their rooms and avoid sunlight.

The Boredom Buster Jar took me probably 5 minutes to put together and I tried to think of “choices” not punishments to try to persuade them to entertain themselves for more than 3 seconds.   I chose some as you’ll see that may benefit me 😉 But mostly enrich them in some way.

You can personalize them to suit you and your family!

The "Boredom Buster Jar"~Say Goodbye to Summer Boredom

The "Boredom Buster Jar"~Say Goodbye to Summer Boredom

the Boredom Buster Jar-how to beat summer boredom

The "Boredom Buster Jar"~Say Goodbye to Summer Boredom

TaDah!…Every Time you hear an “I’m bored” they blindly pull a note with chore, or “read a book” or whatever you creatively thought up! This has dramatically cut down on the whining in my house! I hope it helps you too!

The "Boredom Buster Jar"~Say Goodbye to Summer Boredom

I’d love to hear if you have any other summer boredom buster ideas, leave them in comments!



Fresh Cut Flowers

Fresh Cut Flowers are an inexpensive way to brighten any space.  Flowers also make a great addition to your self-care routine.  So many misconceptions exist about the lifespan of fresh cut flowers.  I’m here to tell you how to extend their shelf life to the fullest and find the most affordable floral options out there.

Spring Has Sprung~Essential Gardening Tips

This winter was a doozy!  Whether you were in the west coast with the rain and other horrible catastrophes or in the east and freezing Noreasters we all are aware of the fact that Mother Nature is not happy with us and our gardens suffered.  In our neck of the woods we had an unseasonably wet winter.  This caused a few of my plants to freeze which normally doesn’t happen.  

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