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Thirsty Thursdays~Cocktail Recipes, Awesome Deals and More!

It’s Thirsty Thursday so I’ve decided to bring you some cocktail recipes.  Who can argue with that?  I also have a diet gif for ya’! It’s hilarious!  And finally some awesome deals to get you closer to the weekend!

Woohoo Wednesday! World Turtle Day

Woohoo Wednesday…It’s May 23!  I bet none of you knew it was “World Turtle Day!”  Well I did!  I am a turtle mama,  I have 13 desert desert box turtles.  Why you asK?  Well I will tell you…because they are just the sweetest animal around.  And I will stop here because, If I get started this will be six pages about turtles.  So Let’s get to today’s deals, meme, and recipes (all turtle themed of course.)

Oh, Monday, How I Hate Thee!…Flower Day, The Easiest Recipe Ever and Daily Deals!

Monday’s Ugh,  I feel like my first line is always so negative but I start writing at 5:20 every morning and my bulletproof coffee hasn’t quite “shot” me yet so I’m not ready to blow sunshine up anyone’s arse just yet, So I apologize.  Check back in about 10 for some sunshine 😉  Otherwise, if you’re ready for snark, recipes for the borderline lazy mom, and deals than you are in the right place…

TGIF~It’s National I <3 Reese’s Day!  Daily Deals and a Funny to Start your Weekend!

TGIF~ It’s National I love Reese’s Day!… You had me at Reese’s. TGIF~It’s National I <3 Reese’s Day, Deals, and a Funny to Start your Weekend! the thought of this day, Bless you and may all your days be filled with peanut butter and chocolate.  Seriously though,  have you ever met anyone that didn’t like Reeses?  That’s the equivalent of someone who doesn’t sing aloud when a Journey song comes on the radio! That being said I have found you the most Reeses’ packed recipe I could find, along with some great deals, and a TGIF “funny” to kick off your weekend!…

Thursday~Hummus Day? Daily Deals and a Hilarious Video!

Thursday, were almost there people!  11 days of school in my neck of the woods, how about you?  5:20 came a little too early this morning and my coffee hasn’t quite kicked in so please exkuze ani tipoosss! 😉 Did you know it’s hummus day?…Me Neither! So I have hummus recipes for you, tons of deals and a hilarious video to start your day! 

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