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My Favorite Cyber Monday Deals

As I was going thru my ridiculously stuffed inbox this morning I thought…”wouldn’t it be easier if all of these Cyber Monday deals were in one place?” And my idea to go thru and compile them all into one place for easy-peasy Cyber Monday shopping was born!

All of these links will open into new windows for your shopping convenience 😉  Shop away sister friends, I hope you find some great Cyber Monday deals!


Don’t count out this category on Cyber Monday there are tons of great travel deals to be had on the second biggest online shopping day of the year!

MSC Cruises- Is offering $100 shipboard credit and unlimited drinks!  If you are a cruiser like me you know that can run into the hundreds by the end of your vacation!  Check out the deal HERE! 

cyber monday deals



Has too many goodies to mention and TONS of deals at 50% off! Check them out HERE! (PS> tons of pallets!)

cyber monday deals

Cult Beauty

Beauty obsessed fans Cult Beauty, besides offering AMAZING Holiday gift sets is giving you a …


cyber monday deals


Lucky Brand

is offering 60% off all Sale Styles making for some awesome deals! cyber monday



Target is offering a whopping BOGO BUT at 60% off the BOGO! Woot Woot!  Check out the sale HERE! 

cyber monday deals

Old Navy-

AYE! Too many deals to count, so to save us time I will just post the 50% off EVERYTHING LINK and did I mention NO EXCLUSIONS! and FREE Cozy Socks with Every Order! 

cyber monday deals

Vera Bradley-

Vera Bradley is offering 30% off EVERYTHING Including Clearance! – OMGOSH Run don’t mozy on over to where you will receive FREE SHIPPING PLUS 50% off! 

cyber monday deals


Amazon is still my go-to for toys, with the best deals by far with Target coming in a close second.  Here are some of today’s toy’s deals I gathered up for you all of them over 50% off!  My fav has to be Chuy!!

Have you found any awesome Cyber Monday deals today?  I’d love to hear about your latest score in comments!

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Black Friday Old Navy Everything 50% Off!

I’ve turned many a stubborn shopper into an Old Navy devotee.  Old Navy has super cute and affordable clothing and accessories, and when days like today happen when the ENTIRE store is 50% off, we run don’t walk on over.  Or better yet,  we shop from the convenience of our homes!

If you follow me on Instagram you can quite often catch me in the act of passing off inexpensive Old Navy dupes for high-end lux brands and no one is any the wiser.  Like this scarf which I recently wore to a work event, which I got tons of compliments on, it’s 50% off today…EEK! 

Old Navy Black Friday Entire Store 50% off

Or if you run into a store near you, you can grab cozy socks for only a buck! Great gifts for your kids, friends!

These are just two of the super great deals you can find at the Old Navy Black Friday Sale, Check out the ENTIRE Sale HERE! 


Check out more Black Friday deals here…


Tons of Smokin Deals at Target for Black Friday!

It’s finally here Black Friday and Target did not disappoint again.  I do the majority of my shopping at Target for my kiddos because you just can’t beat their prices.  Today they are also offering a double bonus if you spend $50 you will get a 20% coupon emailed to you for a future purchase.  What I do is break up purchases. Make one purchase over $50 then get the coupon and make another the same day with the coupon:)

Here are a few great deals I found for more, but head over there are tons to be had!

The Dyson stick vac is on sale marked down to $189 down from $299!  Who says you can’t buy for yourself during the Holidays!

Extra Bonus, when you use your red card you will get you an extra 5 % off every purchase… the red card also gets you free shipping and sends you goodies like early access to sales like this once a year!  Click on the banner to get more info!

A couple of other deals that I posted the other day and are sure to sell out are the Beats HERE originally $199 now priced at $89!! 

or the Hatchimals Surprise twin originally $69 now $34!!

Grab these while you can!  If you don’t have a red card you can apply quickly online here and get an extra 5% off! 

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If you are on the hunt for a particular toy or item deal let me know in comments and I will try to find a deal for you!

UGG on Zulily Today!

Huge Savings and “Smart Pay” Available!

Run don’t walk over to Zulily today for UGG Boots and other footwear up to $125 off on some pair.  Another great feature of one of my favorite sale sites, Zulily is that they offer “smart pay!”  Which comes in handy when you have a large family and your total is a little larger than you would like and need to break it down into payments!

Check Zulily and their great deals out here…

I found these super cute UGG boots for my little girl for only $39! Down from $80! 

UGG's on Zulily Today

Loft Outlet Black Friday Sale LIVE!  50-70% Off Almost Everything!

It was a Merry Early Christmas to me when I woke up to this little early Christmas present in my inbox this morning…“Loft Outlet Black Friday- LIVE 50-70% Off Almost Everything” EEEK!

I immediately scrolled away while the kiddos were still snoring and found these cute shoes and moto sherpa jacket at 50% off!! Shop fast some items are selling out!

Black Friday Sale LIVEBlack Friday Sale LIVE

Thrifty Thursday- DIY Bench “Re-Do” Part I

I decided to take a different approach to ThriftyThursday this time around.  Partly because I needed a break from shopping to shop, which I find to be a bad habit and also not wanting to hear “It” from my husband about shopping  again (ugh.)  So for this and next weeks Thrifty Thursday, I am going to be saving tons of money by doing a DIY project and refurbishing an old yucky bench that came with my house when we moved in.

Why not just go out and buy a new bench Mari?  Well, I’m glad you asked!  Because I am so tight I will squeeze a quarter until the eagle screams, hence thrifty Thursday.  But I will still go out and spend money on lotions and potions and all sorts of botox and what not for aging fabulously, makes no sense in your head right?


Well, let me explain my reasoning. My face is my forever face. I have to make it last for the next 50 years or so.  This bench and all of the stuff in this house, pish posh.  It’s just stuff,  and it will be out of style in a few years anyway.   I will want to change it again.   So why spend the benjamins on high dollar stuff?  Doesn’t that put it in perspective for you? Or I sound like a lunatic, you decide.  While you’re pondering that, I’ll get back to the bench…

The Story of the Ugly Bench

Bless this ugly bench’s heart.  It came with the house, this poor sad blue plaid bench.  Left like an orphan in the night.  It found a home in my closet, soon becoming a catch-all.  Adding to the “character” of the bench it even has water damage from a roof leak we had.  But me being the Meiser that I am,  I kept telling myself I would eventually “re-do” it.  This week Thrifty Thursday is finally forcing my hand.

Being on a mission to do this project as inexpensive as possible I stop the hobby lobby fabric department.  I probably could have found fabric less expensive at a thrift store but sometimes the effort isn’t worth the money saved.  Fabric, especially specialty fabric like what I needed is hard to find, and I wasn’t up to chasing it all over town.

When I arrived at Hobby Lobby I made a bee-line for the clearance department.   I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice selection of home use fabric on clearance and enough of it for 60% off! * Double bonus- it was in a print I could live with.*  So I snatched it up, buying two yards of the clearance fabric.  I purchased extra to make a couple of throw pillows later.Thrifty Thursday

For this project I will need;

Material- Purchased 2 yards but will only use one $12
Spray Paint – Already Have – Haven’t decided which color
Batting? – Not Sure Yet, I have to get into it to see the condition

The fabric was originally $24 a yard I purchased for $12, If I don’t have to buy more batting that’s zero cost and if I use spray paint I already have, that’s a total cost of $24 for a bench.  I originally wanted to buy for $150 here…
Thrifty Thursday

I’m going to have to deconstruct the bench, assess the batting damage and decide whether or not to replace the grommets.  I tend to be on the crafter’s lazy side, so that’s probably going to be nixed.  I plan on doing all of this and posting for next week’s Thrifty Thursday.  My question to my 5 readers is …

What color for the legs…Metallic, Black, Brown? Help!   Let me know your thoughts in comments!


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Thrift Store Loot

Happy Thrift Thursday Everyone!  For this weeks thrift store excursion I hit up my local Savers, again on a “hail mary” play. ( I really need to learn to manage my time better, oh well)  I know I promised to mix it up this week, but time just wasn’t on my side.  So I ran into Savers with twenty minutes to spare after spending way too much time debating whether or not to run up to my local Uptown Cheapskate.  The joys of being analytical.

Once inside Savers,  I made a beeline for the bowls…shocker! And immediately found these two gems.  How they were untouched on a Wednesday afternoon, I have no idea but I quickly snagged them.  Thrift Store Loot

I then made my way over to the kids’ section, just really avoiding the endless racks of adult clothing.  I instantly spotted this brand new black puffer vest with the tags still on it for $5.99…Score! Thrift Store Loot


Out of time and rushing to the cashiers, I hurriedly went passed a rack of shirts, and of course, my “perif” in hyperdrive in a store like this is always programmed for my two favorite things…1) animal print and 2) camo.  Guess what, a lightweight camo print popped out like a gift from the thrift Gods, screaming buy me! It is a “Lovesick London,” lightweight drawstring jacket that will look precious on me or my girls over a white tee with jeans! Double accidental score today!  (I’m going to post a pic today of the jacket on Instagram HERE a bit later)

Here is yesterday’s thrift store loot breakdown…

Lovesick of London jacket Retail Value $48 I paid $6.99
Circo Puffer Jacket NEW – Retail Value $25 I paid $5.99
1 Large lead crystal bowl Retail Value $30 I paid $5.99
1 Small lead crystal bowl Retail Value $10 I paid $2.99

Total Retail Value $112 I paid $21!


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Friday Freebies – Woot Woot!

Hello Folks TGIF and who doesn’t like freebies?  I updated the list and found a free 8 X 10 photo for you and free Wingstop!  (scroll down for the info!) Have a great and free weekend!

The National Parks

The National Parks are doing this cool @Everykidinapark event  If you are a family with a 4th grader you can gain access to a National park for an entire year.  Click HERE for the details! 



Free Wendy’s Food! 

For a limited time download the free Wendy’s App and receive a coupon for according to their site;
This deal is daily. Get a free Dave’s Single with any purchase on any day. Fries on Monday? Free Dave’s Single. Small drink on Tuesday? Free Dave’s Single. Frosty® on Wednesday? Whatevs. FREE DAVE’S SINGLE! It’s the offer that keeps offering. Available only in Wendy’s app.


Friday Freebies


Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is offering a FREE Donut when you download their App and become a member of their “Sweet and Simple rewards ” PS.  Their Pumpkin Spice donuts are back! 

Friday Freebies


Dairy Queen

When you download the Dairy Queen App You get a promo for a FREE SMALL BLIZZARD …PS It’s Pumpkin Pie Blizzard Time, The best time of the Year if you ask me!

Friday Freebies


According to their site;

“Who doesn’t love a reward? For starters, enjoy a free Medium Slush or Drink when you download the app!**”

Friday Freebies

Raising Canes

Get a FREE Box Combo just for signing up for their ” Rewards Cainiac Club!” HERE

Friday Freebies


This is a double Freebie…When I was there last week, I noticed on our receipt that if I filled out a survey I would receive a code for a future FREE Whataburger with purchase of Fries and Drink Woot Woot.  Also When looking for graphics for this post this morning I came across this on their site (below) They are launching an app, download it here and you can earn rewards for free Grub! 

Online ordering at Whataburger will let you customize and save your favorite orders – not to mention save you time.

WHY:   Order conveniently and securely any time. And earn free food after five visits (We’ll keep track!) 


Baskin Robbins

According to the Baskin Robbins website

Get a free regular scoop when you download our app and sign up for mobile deals. Terms & Conditions apply.*

Friday Freebies


When you sign up to Wingstop’s Reward club you will receive a coupon for a FREE order of fries just for signing up and on your Birthday a surprise will show up in your email. Woot woot, who doesn’t like email freebies?



Say Cheese!

Free 8 X 10 Photo Enlargement thru October 13th!  That would make an awesome Christmas gift for Grandma or Grandpa!

According to their site;

FREE 8×10 Enlargement

Must use code 8X10FALL to receive 1 free 8×10 print (approximate retail value $3.99) through online. Code must be entered at time of online checkout to apply discount. Offer not valid in store or mobile app. Limited to one 8×10 single-image print per household, per account. Offer expires at 11:59 p.m. CT on October 13, 2018. Cart must include your print at time of online checkout to apply discount. Up to three coupons can be used in one cart if no overlapping products exist in the offers being applied. Void if transferred, reproduced or copied and where prohibited by law. Discount does not apply to previous purchases, taxes or shipping charges. Offer is subject to change or cancellation at any time.

Check in every Friday for New Friday Freebies!…and check out more Deals HERE! 

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