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How to Save Money at Disney!

Disneyland the “Happiest Place on Earth.”  It’s also one of the most expensive places to take your family.  As parents we’ve all been there,  planning the big vaca and then bam…those big black ears slap you in the face.  From tickets, to park food to the overpriced souvenirs.  It’s impossible for the family of four to get out of the park for two days under a thousand dollars.  That’s not including lodging or other necessities needed,  so to help ease the pain I’ve scoured the internet for you and gathered ways to help you save on tickets, food, and souvenirs for your big vacation to Disney!

Fun and Free or “Nearly Free” Summer Activities for Kids

Summer can be a blessing and a curse.  Both a season your counting down too and then before you know it you are praying for school to start because you’re either out of money or out of ideas to keep the little buggars occupied.  The first week of summer you are doing your best impersonation of Mary Poppins  and the last few weeks it’s “Lord of the Flies” and you’re wondering where it all went terribly wrong.

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