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Finding A “Cool Mom” Bathing Suit Friday Favorites-Pain free Bathing Suit Shopping

T.G.I.F Friday Favorites

Good morning!  Sorry everyone for the late post.  It’s been a buggar of a morning!  I’m quite sure everyone is familiar with these types of mornings, too much to do and not enough coffee.

When trying to figure out what to write about for Friday Favorites, I try to bring you things that I can’t live without and objects or things that everyone can use.  I racked my brain this week.  I must have been cranky because I kept kibosshing my own ideas. Sometimes we are our own enemies. Finally I came to the conclusion that I would share my latest cool find.

A bathing suit! (eye roll) Before you close the page hear me out.  I know this is everyones worst nightmare, it is mine also.   Truth be told,  I would rather lick a toilet bowl than go bathing suit shopping.  Nothing is more humbling than seeing yourself in a three-way mirror with overhead lighting.   I do NOT care how much positive sunshine bs you blow up your own arse before you go.  You can’t prepare yourself for the misery that is about to unfold.

The “Mom-Modest” Cool Bathing Suit

While carousing Target the other day, I came across this army green one-piece.  The straps were in the right place, it had enough coverage,  and it didn’t shout “CARPOOL MINIVAN!”  So without trying it on,  I took a gamble and grabbed it.  I figured if It didn’t look good, at least I didn’t have to endure the “pity” looks from the girl working the dressing room when I told her it “didn’t work.”

Well HOTDamn…Not only did it work it’s awesome!  No wedgies, no nip slips, and I won’t be telling passerby’s  if  the water is cold or not…the Triple Crown of bathing suits.  So without further adieu here is that awesome little number!  Triple Crown

So I thought I would share the love and take some of the angst out of bathing suit shopping for you guys.  I’ve done some research for you and found some alternatives that I think you will like along with some cool cover-ups. I hope you like and I’ve helped!













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