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Sweater Poncho Outfit

Double date night and we’re adulting, AH! So I had to dress like a grown up , a daunting feat to say in the least. Double whammy, the other adults in the group couldn’t meet until close to 7 pm, say what?! Yes, I had to take a nap and drink a coffee to “pre-game” for this one! Nonetheless, I put on my adult clothes and headed out. We saw “GLASS” I highly recommend, it was excellent!

I digress, back to double date night outfit … to which the hubs sarcastically commented, “hey watch out, I think you might be showing an earlobe,” or something to that effect. To which I replied “modest is hottest.” Seriously though, UGH (insert eye roll) For the poncho I’ve had forever. So long it has come back into fashion. I think I bought at a Christmas fair about a decade ago and paid an arm and a leg for. So the cheapskate in me could never bear to get rid of. But I found two alternatives for you HERE & HERE.

The jeans are Lucky, how I love me some Lucky jeans, oh and Flare! They are so flattering for women they just make your legs look so much leaner and longer than damn skinny jeans. HERE”S the link to those!   Ps Lucky is having a 75% off sale on Clearance. 

Random Question for readers, How does your partner like you to dress when adulting? Would love to hear your opinions in comments!

Have an awesome Monday everyone!

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