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Sunnies Anyone?~ It’s National Eyewear Day! Daily Deals, Sunnies, and Wednesday Weirdness

Sunnies Anyone?~ It’s National Eyewear Day!

Well G-d has a sense of humor doesn’t he? Today is National Eyewear day and guess where I spent the majority of yesterday morning?…

me admitting defeat!

At the Optical Store, Getting my first pair of glasses at 43!  And dummy me, I thought I would need a pair of readers or a light rx. NOPE, bifocal progressives!  Turns out people don’t normally see blurry, what do ya’ know?! I’m blind as a bat, who knew?  Well I did probably, but see there is this river in Egypt that I love to float up 😉

In honor of National Eyewear Day, and because of the Massive G-d poke I got yesterday reminding me of my mortality I’m going to bring you all sorts of fun deals on sunnies today but first a chuckle to start your day!


Wednesday Weirdness from around the Web

I found this gem while surfing yesterday,  A man is suing CVS because they told his wife he was taking Viagra (eye roll) like she really didn’t know her husband took it before hand?  And by teeny tiny chance she didn’t know…Did she think he was a natural born “Rockstar” or was she that sure of her abilities 😉 Either way the whole story is pretty damn weird.  Click HERE or Click on the little blue pill ***WARNING If the click lasts for more than 4 hours please seek medical attention! 

Deals on Eyewear!



Today's Daily Deals!

Amazon's Daily Deals

40% on Tiger Insulated Mugs
29% off Norelco Wet Dry Shaver
Savings on TP Products-Routers & Modems
Save 30% on Medicube Products
Just in time for Father's day Dewalt Savings! 


Subscription Box Savings

Summer Pop Offer</a</a

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