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“Summer Daze” ~ Daily Deals, Meme, and Things to do this Summer! @SimplyComplicatedMom.com

“Summer Daze” ~ Daily Deals, Meme, and Things to do this Summer!

The kids are almost out of school in my neck of the woods, only two more day’s to go!  This is the time of year where I’m super excited to have them home, really happier to not to have to deal with carpool.  I’ve quickly forgotten last August where my house was a scene from “lord of the flies” and visions of Mary Poppins doing arts & crafts every day are still in the forefront of my cerebrum ( a mom can dream can’t she?)  So keeping with delusions of “Summer Daze”  (punny) Today’s post will reflect just that,  all things summer! Summer deals, summer laughs, and summer fun! …

Nothing says summer like getting that body ready right?..


What food says summer to you?…For me it’s Watermelon at almost every single weekend meal! 

And to go with that?..A couple of Summer Activities! 

And finally the perfect Texas BBQ Guide!..

Summer Daze Deals

My Favorite Sunscreen of All Time! Works like a dream and 1 bottle lasts forever! 

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