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Page Turner -“Stillhouse Lake” Rachel Caine Deliciously Suspenseful Thriller~"Stillhouse Lake" by Rachel Caine


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“Stillhouse Lake” by Rachel Caine is by far one of the best suspense novels I have ever read! Where do I start?  If “Sleeping with the Enemy” and “Hand that Rocks the Cradle” had a baby.  Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine would be that deliciously suspenseful thriller of a book baby!
Deliciously Suspenseful Thriller~"Stillhouse Lake" by Rachel CaineI could not put “Stillhouse Book” down.  From the very first page Rachel Caine has you enveloped in this small family’s tragic story.  You find yourself rooting for the heroine “Gwen” a superhero of sorts, who is trying to evade her serial killer husband Melvin and keep her kids safe and somewhat sane at the same time.  Really could you think of a better name for a serial killer…MELVIN?!… I read this suspenseful gem in two days. “Stillhouse Lake” kept me up at night with twists and turns at every chapter.  Right when you think you have it figured out, surprise nope not even close!

Did Melvin Escape  You’ll have to read the book!

I cannot wait for the next volume in this series …”Killman Creek!”  Set to be released in  2018!

Check out the  Stillhouse Lake Series Here..

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