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Spring Has Sprung~Essential Gardening Tips 5 Steps to Getting the Garden Back in Shape

Spring Has Sprung~Essential Gardening Tips

This winter was a doozy!  Whether you were in the west coast with the rain and other horrible catastrophes or in the east and freezing Noreasters we all are aware of the fact that Mother Nature is not happy with us and our gardens suffered.  In our neck of the woods we had an unseasonably wet winter.  This caused a few of my plants to freeze which normally doesn’t happen.  

So now what?…Well we start the thaw, clean up and the rebirth begins!  My favorite part,  the cathartic part of gardening for me. Digging in the dirt, cleaning,  and watching life start all over.  The reason I got into gardening in the first place. I love and live for the before and afters.

5 Steps to Getting the Garden Back in Shape

Step one ~ Clean up Process~ Find some help first,  I have a “GIT” Gardener in Training and a cute one might I add.  5 Steps to Getting the Garden Back in Shape

However you winterized your garden this past winter, whether that be mulching or burlap wrapping or  If you have a pots and took them indoors for the winter, take them back out once your hard freeze is over.  I personally live on 1.5 acres and utilize all of the cottonwood leaves we have lying around and used that as free mulch for the winter.  I covered all of my beds with at-least a foot of leaves. So now comes the arduous task of removing all of those leaves.  5 Steps to Getting the Garden Back in Shape

Step two~ After removing all of my insulating mulch I survey the winter damage.  This year I have a aloe plant that froze, despite my best efforts.  I am going to try to save by trimming and repotting.  There are babies underneath I would really like to keep, so fingers crossed.  Stay tuned!

5 Steps to Getting the Garden Back in Shape

Step three~ Trimming I start to trim all of the excess and dead away of my shrubs and flowering plants after they start budding so I don’t cut any live off.  There are some that would argue this technique.  I am not a master gardener.  You do what works best for you.  This is what I have done for years and what works for me in the southwest with my weather and local types of plants.

I also trim any low-lying branches off of the trees we have that are not blooming.

Step Four~ Turning the Soil ~  Ok so I am not a master gardener and I live in the southwest and have horrible soil.   I don’t want to or do I need to test ph and all do that stuff to the soil,  already know it stinks.  I aerate it with a hard rake and add a few inches of compost and rake it in.  Then I add a few new inches of new mulch on top to retain moisture.  Our summers get above 100 degrees here, if we don’t add mulch everything will fry!

Step Five~ Hose off all of the Trellises, Birdbaths, & Ornaments~  My garden is a little bit on the whimsical side you’ll see so in the after pics later this summer. So All of these ornaments get a little “scuzzy” over the winter, and just need a little spit shine after winter that’s all 😉 

Up Next..

Now that the Garden is Cleaned up and Prepped Next week let’s Plant!..

5 Steps to Getting the Garden Back in Shape


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