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Splurge or Steal? Loreal Lash Paradise vs Too Faced Better than Sex

Splurge or Steal?

Beauty Junkies like me know that an awesome product could be hiding in a $2 package of drugstore make-up.  You just have to do your homework.  Why “Splurge when you can Steal?” 

So I did research for all of us and did a side by side comparison of the “Splurge and the Steal.”   I wanted to know if my My new favorite mascara “Better than Sex,”  had some competition to worry about.  A copy cat mascara was recently launched by Loreal called Loreal Lash Paradise From the packaging on down to the marketing you can’t hide the fact that Loreal is pushing to get ahold of “Better than Sex” cult following.

First off Price comparison~ Loreal is roughly $10 a tube. Too faced $27.  Obviously, the Steal   Loreal   wins this category. Splurge vs Steal


Next I applied both brands to one eye.  My face was freshly cleansed and I applied both mascaras with about 5 strokes each give or take.

Splurge vs Steal
Loreal Lash Paradise


I found that the Loreal was thinner and easier to apply even though out of the packaging I preferred the shape and style of the Too Faced Wand.

The Loreal seemed to coat and cover my lashes more evenly.

I also feel that the Loreal produced more volume as you can see in the pictures.



Splurge vs Steal
Too Faced Better Than Sex



I did however prefer the Too faced mascara when applying to the lower lashes.  I don’t like a heavy lower lash so this did the trick.  It’s a personal preference.




Lasting Power-  I never wear waterproof mascara.  I hate struggling to take it off at the end of the day.  Again a personal choice, so when deciding to do this comparison I chose “non-waterproof” of each mascara.  Both Loreal and Too faced have a waterproof option if you so choose.

I came back to photograph my eyelashes one last time 6 hours later and again Loreal wins.  Both Loreal and Too Faced were equal in the lashes staying voluminous.  But the Too face smeared a bit on my upper lid.  It looked like I lined my upper lid.  Where as the Loreal was still sitting firmly on my lashes.

Splurge vs Steal
Steal-right Splurge-left

End Results-The Steal Wins!

I’m going to have to give the win to Loreal Lash Paradise.  The application was easier, The volume seemed to be thicker and offered more lash definition,  and staying power was true to it’s promise.  Not to mention the price $17 dollars less than the luxury brand.  If you would like to purchase Loreal Lash Paradise you can do so here..  You can also check out Too faced Better than sex here.

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