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Snail Slime..WTH? My latest Obsession and it's 40% off!

Snail Slime..My latest Obsession and it’s 40% off!

Yes you read right…Snail Slime!  It’s my latest skin care obsession.  I’ve been putting it on my face as the final step in my bedtime routine for the last two weeks and I have seen visible results.  I have ridiculously dry skin during the winter and I have some scarring and both are easing up!

I also managed to slap some on my mother one day, which was like wrestling a cat.  But she finally admitted that her skin felt better the next day.

So while doing what I do best, browsing amazon..I came across these highly rated Snail Slime Masks 40% off!   These masks also feature a hydrogel delivery system which is also a bonus.  If you’re not familiar with Hydrogel, Hydrogel  helps to lock in the moisture and benefits of the mask.

Here is the deal I found,  It is a ten pack of masks. I do about two a week when I’m good so this is about a 5-6 week supply for $17!!..Grab it before it sells out!

Snail Slime Face Masks

Snail Slime Masks 40% off

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